Taking Pleasure

He hesitated. Just momentarily. His hard cock in his hand, poised at the tightly closed hole of her upturned arse.

Once before he’d tried this with her, he’d bottled it after just the head of his cock had hurt her. She’d cried out, told him to stop, he hadn’t wanted to hurt his beautiful girlfriend. But he was going to do it this time.

I want you to do it to me,” She’d said.
What if it hurts you again?
Just keep going. I know you want to do it. Let me do it for you. Please?” He’d been concerned, it had showed on his face. “Promise me. Promise you’ll fuck me in the arse, promise you’ll do it until you come.
Uh, okay,” her uncharacteristic language, her sitting naked, cross legged on the floor in front of him, her excitement exposed, asking for him to do it, demanding it. Too much to resist.
If I start, I’m not going to stop. Even if it hurts. Even if you beg me.
I want it to hurt. I want you to make me beg you to stop. I’ll cry and scream and beg, and I want you to ignore it and just keep going, take pleasure from me. I want it to be all for you!

Now. He’d do it now. No time for her to change her mind.

Get on your hands and knees,” he’d instructed. Meekly, nervously she’d complied.

Now here he was, poised with his cock in his hand, touching the head against the tight hole he’d wanted to fuck for months. That he’d been denied a few weeks before.

She screamed in pain as he brutally jammed his cock into her ass. He wasn’t gentle, he didn’t let her get used to to intrusion, he just pressed his cock against her small, tight hole and forced its whole length deep into her. Taking from her what she’d so desperately wanted to give.

As he held her hips, pulling her back to meet his hard thrusts, tears burst from her eyes, she cried out, telling him not to stop, telling him to fuck her harder, craving the pain, the knowledge he would take from her everything she had to give. As much as it hurt, she felt herself starting to come as her boyfriend enjoyed her little body for his own pleasure.

Her body lose and limp, through her tears, the wracking breath of orgasm, she called out that she was coming. Her boyfriend, holding off no longer, felt his own climax build and holding himself inside her with his body weight, he felt his cock twitching, flooding her inside with his come.

As the deep satisfaction of the combined pain and pleasure, the sense of achievement, of overcoming her fear, her pain to please him settled over her, she talked to him through the damp pillow under her face,

Thank you, thank you for not stopping, taking what you want,” then quietly, almost to herself, “I love it when you hurt me.”

He pulled his spent cock from her quivering body and presented it to her face. “Now suck it clean, and don’t stop until I say.” Tears still on her face from the combination of the wonderful torture and her own orgasm, she took his cock in her mouth and greedily began to clean it. He looked down at the tear stained face of his beautiful girlfriend, he flooded with love and gratitude for what she’d given him. He lifted her face to his, kissed her deeply, then returned it to tend to his cock. Taking her head in both hands before pulling it onto him, forcing his cock fully into her face and down her throat for the first time.

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© Charles Rochester 2015


Thoughts On Choking

My hand, closing around her throat…

It’s a theme you’ll find cropping up again and again on this blog. Why? What is it about it that I find so erotic?

As is so often the case for me, it’s about control, taking it, giving a little back or not as I see fit. Whether a girl has her back to the wall, is leaning against me, or is laying down, holding a girl’s throat is, behind taking a fistful of hair, the second best way of controlling her body. But it has the added bonus of controlling more than just her position.

I don’t want to discuss the methods, or try to describe them. This is one of the things I get to be good at because of my knowledge of anatomy and physiology. What I would say to anyone thinking of trying it is be very careful. Start easy, start gently. If you get this wrong, you’re going to have a problem.

So remember the motto that every Dom should have branded on them:

Take Care

Close attention to your girl is needed. You should already be very familiar with even the smallest cues and signals her body gives. When she can’t talk she can’t use a safe word if that’s your normal practice, and if you don’t, as I don’t, then you must know your girl’s responses inside out. What I will say is that depending on how you hold her neck, you can restrict her breathing, restrict the blood flow to the brain, stop her from swallowing, speaking, but – done well – still get your cock as far down her throat as its length will allow. But why would you? Why restrict those things?

Restricting a girl’s breathing will do a few things. It will fatigue her muscles, cause her body to course with an additional rush of adrenalin, her body will prioritise the blood and oxygen where it’s needed most: Her brain and her orgasm. Her body’s function becomes about nothing else. Her whole self centres on her orgasm. Slowly, very slowly you can take her to the edge of consciousness and beyond.

As for restricting blood flow, that’ll starve her brain of oxygen, drive her to unconsciousness if you choose just as well as starving her of oxygen, but quickly. In seconds. Personally, that extreme of choking isn’t for me, when I steal her consciousness it’s by making her come so hard she can’t fight off the clouds, the closing mists of the faint. When I restrict blood flow, I do it with a very close attention and high awareness of her body’s responses, have her surf the edge of consciousness, rather than deny it entirely.

Starving the brain of a little oxygen raises the level of euphoria, creates a purity of sensation where there’s room only for the sensation of the moment, heightened, raised, and no space or time for thought. All the while driving her body to orgasm, allowing her to have little awareness but you and what you’re doing to her body. And then, as you release her as she comes, there’s the rush of oxygen, the flood of serotonin and oxytocin. The orgasm more powerful for it. And the closeness, the protection, the care, the love.

Why do I find choking so erotic? If you have to ask, I’d ask you: Why don’t you?

Yes, there’s another sort of choking of course, that you get from deepthroat without a well trained gag reflex (or choosing to allow it). I’ll do a post on that another time.

© Charles Rochester 2015

Bites, Scratches, Bruises and Welts: Thoughts On #SexMarks

I confess, I like sexmarks. I like making them and I like carrying them. I like to feel a girl scratch the skin from my back in the throes of orgasm. I like to feel her teeth sinking into the skin of my chest, my shoulder. I like to bite beautiful skin. I like to hold a girl so firmly she gets a bruise from the impression on my fingers, my hand. And if you’re a regular reader, I think you’ll know I like the pink and red skin on a girl’s bottom after I’ve spanked her.

Why don’t I allow this, then? Easy: I’m not in an exclusive relationship. I do not want to see the marks another man left on a girl’s body, and I don’t want a girl to see the marks another girl left on mine. I think it’s disrespectful to the girl I’m with if she has to see what another girl did. When I’m with a girl, she should know she’s the only person that matters. She should feel that she’s my top priority, not just for the time she’s there, but at all times. That’s how I want to feel, too: that I’m that girl’s top priority. If I don’t feel that way, I’m not likely to ask to see a girl again.

Of course I do have a girl who is my top priority, that’s only natural. I didn’t mean for it to be so, but I like her more than I meant to like her. But if I spend time with another girl, she shouldn’t feel any less important, because at the time I’m with her she isn’t.

Of course I’ve broken this rule. That’s what rules are for, after all. But only once outside an exclusive relationship. Giving in to the urgency, the passion, the raw desire The bite, the scratch. The bruise that develops over the next few days that you can poke and feel her teeth all over again. The sorenesses you can soothe away with well placed kisses and licks and strokes. Tending for her, for the marks I left on her… The trust that comes from knowing how hard you can be, and that she will be hard enough.

Instead I settle for lightly raking nails over the skin, or little nips.

Perhaps I should reconsider, but… disrespectful.

Just A Drink

The story of two childhood sweethearts meeting up for an evening after six years.

This is the whole story, written in its original first person.
I’d be interested to hear which perspective you think works better.

As soon as we were in her hotel room I steered Lindsay’s back to the wall and, taking both her hands in my left hand, I held them above her head against the wall. The anticipation of being with her had given me a hard on, she was moaning into our kiss too, just as excited as me. She let her head fall back exposing her neck. I kissed it wetly, then as my breath cooled the moisture left on her neck by my lips, I unbuttoned and tugged at her trousers. She wiggled her hips to help, and trousers and knickers fell to her smooth calves, enabling her to step out. I let go of her hands above her head and with one hand lifted her shirt off. Lindsay ducked a little so I didn’t have to reach too far up, as she did I pushed suddenly, but gently, down on her shoulder with my other hand and she found herself on her knees at my feet.

Lindsay reached forwards, opening my trousers, and with one move pulled them to my ankles. I took off my shirt and from the ankles up I was as naked as her. She started to run her hand upwards along the shaft of my dick. Hard for some time now, as she squeezed it, a little pre-come oozed from the top. She leant forwards and licked it away, before taking the head into her mouth. I felt its warmth surround me, and her sucking begin, drawing her head back at the same time, I popped out of her mouth, the suction making a noise. She rose up again, retaking me into her mouth. Unable to take a step, I leant forwards against the wall, sandwiching her between me and it. Her tongue circled around the head, contained fully in her mouth, her saliva making me wet. As she moved her lips over the tight skin of the head, the same saliva ran down the shaft toward her hand, making me cold in the air. Opening her mouth to engulf the head, She took me deep into her mouth, gliding her lips wetly up and down the shaft as the head slid back and forth along the roof of her mouth, the underside being licked warmly by her tongue. Over and over, it wasn’t long before the need to come reached a peak and I let out a groan.

“I want to come on your face. Make me come on your face.” I told her. Even so she took the first string of come in her mouth, a little remaining on her lower lip, but as soon as she realised I was coming, she let go of the base with both hands, and let me fall from her mouth. With nothing holding my cock, each spurt of come splashed onto a different part of her face or into her hair as my cock twitched in front of her with each spasm of climax. Without much space between us the head of my dick brushed against her as it twitched leaving thick smears on her cheeks and chin. Most of my come landed on Lindsay’s face and her breasts, and the rest lazily dribbled down the shaft onto my balls.

I was horny as hell when I’d met up with her in the bar. I suppose you always are when you meet old girlfriends who you still fancy. You always plan to shag them, but politeness takes over and you end up having a civilised drink instead. Lindsay was different. She was fourteen when I’d started going out with her, I was sixteen. We had fucked, of course, (I got her cherry) and there had been the occasional blow job, but nothing else. She had been too young and not really known about all the possibilities, I hadn’t pushed the point because, well I was young too, and thought I was lucky as hell to be able to fuck her a couple of times a day – more at weekends – three weeks in four. We got pissed and started flirting and talking about how things had been. I told her there were so many things I felt I’d never got to do with her and what a disappointment that was. When she offered in the pub to make it up to me for the lost opportunities, to do anything I wanted, so long as I’d wanted to do it six years before when we were going out, I hadn’t hesitated. Who would.

“Come over here,” I said, and pulled her by the arm to the bed. She giggled as she kicked her knickers from their place around her ankles, and did as she was told. I laid her on her back across the bed.

“Masterbate,” I told her. She smiled and closed her eyes. Spreading her legs wide for me to watch, she reached between her thighs with her hand and started to stroke her clitoris. I climbed on the bed as well, making her open her eyes to see what I was doing. I sat on the pillows to the left side of her knees. I had an easy view as she spread her juices between her lips, lubricating herself and then using the lack of friction to glide quickly up and down her hard clitoris.

She looked too appetising to just watch, so I moved to lick at the wetness, pushing her hand to one side.

She pushed her hips upward to meet my mouth, and put her hand on the back of my head. I licked inside her, pushing my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could, tasting. Then began to lick back and forth across her clitoris, sucking on it and her wet hole, as she ground my head between her legs. She became firmer and more insistent, so I responded sucking harder and licking faster until she tensed, pushing up to my mouth while pressing my head down against her as she came hard onto my mouth.

She shouted, “Yes! Oh, fuck yes. Oh fuck, I’m coming!”

I tightened my grip on her arse and held her against my face as I carried on licking as hard as before.

As I carried on making her come, she carried on shouting, “Oh, God, stop! Oh, fuck I’m coming, stop. Oh, fuck it hurts. Yes, Oh fuck, yes!” As she slowed and quietened, I released her breathless little body.

“You bastard! I haven’t come that hard for ages,” she said giggling.

“You’ve still got my come on your face,” I said, smiling. As she started to wipe it off, I said “No, leave it. It’s kind of sexy,”

“Doesn’t it look a bit slutty?” She asked.

“Yes, That too, but I want it there for what the next thing.”

“There’s more?”

“You said I could do all the things I fantasised about when we were seeing each other. I thought I’d better do them all now, I don’t know when I’ll get another chance! I want you to give me another blow job. But this time I want to put my dick all the way in your mouth. I want your face pressed up against me.”

“But your dick would have to go right through my mouth and into my throat!”

“That’s right. Linz, I want to put my dick all the way in, so it goes in your neck. I want to fuck your face. Sometimes when I fantasise I think of it as fucking your mouth or fucking your throat, or even your neck. But really it’s fucking your face. I’ve always wanted to fuck your face and come with my dick right down your throat.” Shit. She looked shocked. I realised I’d chanced it too far. “I’m sorry Linz, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

I got up off the bed and turned to get dressed and leave.

“Don’t go.” She said. “Stay. It’s just that no-one ever did that to me before. I’ve never had a cock in my throat. I remember you trying to get your dick as far in my mouth as you could whenever I sucked you off, but I didn’t realise how far you were trying! You can do it.”

She got off the bed, came to where I was standing and knelt on the floor in front of me again. She held my half limp cock in her hand, licked it all over and took the head into her warm mouth and closed her lips around it. She began to move her head back away from me, so that less of my increasingly hard dick was in her mouth, then moved toward me again. Over and over, each time trying to take more into her lovely soft mouth. She put her hands behind me and, holding my arse, started to pull my hips toward her face to get more depth. There were still four, maybe five inches to go when, after a few minutes of trying to get all of my dick into her she leant back away, allowing it to come out.

“I can’t get it all in, I keep gagging when it gets to the back of my mouth”

“Oh, well, never mind. That was great anyway. We could just do that.”

“No, I said you could use me any way you wanted and you said you wanted it in my throat. You try to get it in, come over here and fuck my mouth,”


She sat with her back to the wall. She lifted her knees up and spread her feet apart. As I followed her she put her hand on my hip positioning me so that my feet were between hers, my knees keeping hers apart. She rested her head back against the wall, so that she couldn’t flinch away and took my dick in her right hand. As she put the end to her lips she looked up at me, laughed and said, “Fuck my head against the wall.”

As I leant forwards and put my crossed arms on the wall, resting my forehead on them. Lindsay guided my dick into her mouth. She kept her lips closed around it, letting me feel it go in. She pressed upwards with her tongue, squeezing my dick between it and the roof of her mouth. Farther and farther in until I reached the back of her mouth. I began to draw back and looked down to watch as I established a rhythm. Lindsay sat with her legs forced apart by mine, her left arm was reaching between my thighs and up to cradle my right cheek. Each time I moved into her, she would pull to get me in as far as she could, even when the end of my dick hit the back of her throat she pulled. Her other hand was between her own thighs some fingers were inside her and her thumb was working slowly up and down her clitoris in time with my rhythm. Her eyes were closed and her head was still pinned against the wall so that she had no chance of retreat as she pushed my dick to the back of her neck. She made quiet little groaning and moaning sounds that gradually replaced the occasional slight gagging noise. By the look of her, you would swear she was in heaven.

When she hadn’t made the gagging noise for a few minutes I started to speed up my rhythm and become more forceful in my movements. I wanted to fuck her throat, not make love to her mouth after all. She made muffled “Ugh!” noises each time my cock hit the back of her mouth. The hand she had between her legs kept pace with me, until she opened her eyes and saw that even when I was filling her mouth completely there was still three or four inches left outside her mouth, it was only an inch or so less than before.

She suddenly stopped and pushed me away. “It’s not all the way in.”

“I can’t get past the angle of your throat, I’m fucking your mouth, It’s fine.” I answered.

“I don’t want fine, I want to be the best blow-job you ever had. Fuck harder, force it if you have to.”

She put her head against the wall again and held my dick to her open mouth and I slid it in. At the back of her mouth I shoved hard and hit the back of her throat, but still my dick wasn’t tipping down into her neck but up. I tried a few more times. As I hit the back the “ugh” noises she had been making before sounded more like “ow” noises, but muffled. Each time I hit the back with more of a lead up to get a bit of speed, but each time it wouldn’t dip into her neck.

On the last time her jaw reflexively closed around my cock and she bit a little.

“Oh, shit,” she said as I took my cock out and saw the teeth marks three inches from the base, “I’m so sorry!” She giggled. “Don’t worry, I’m going to make it up to you over and over, and now you won’t feel guilty if I get a bit hurt along the way. Here,” She laid on the bed, on her back, and let her head hang over the side, straightening the line from her mouth to her stomach. “Try it with me like this. Push your dick all the way in and fuck my face like you want to,” I knelt by the bed and put my stiff, aching cock to her lips and pushed forwards. In a single movement I slid back into her mouth to her open throat and into her neck. I could see her gullet thicken as my cock invaded it, penetrating her deeper than before. Lindsay gagged and choked. I thought she was going to puke. I moved quickly back out as she caught her breath. A moment passed and she said, in a slightly croaky voice, “Do it again. Don’t worry about me, it doesn’t matter if I gag a bit – I’ll be OK. Try again, push it all the way in and fuck my mouth till you come. Push your dick right into me. I want you to fuck my face until you come with your dick right down my throat- come in my neck, the way you wanted to.” I must have looked reserved because she saw and demanded. “Fuck my face hard like it’s a fucking cunt!” She was really into the whole thing and hell knows I was, too.

So I did it. As I fed my dick back into her willing mouth, she began to gag when I got into her throat again, but she was right, it passed and she was OK. So I eased more into her and watched as her gullet thickened again, and saw the bulge moving down her neck as my cock stretched more and more of her throat. I could feel her breath from her nose against my balls. She seemed to panic a little as I reached my depth and the pressure of my pubes against her chin opened her mouth a little more, but I kept the whole length of my rigid cock in her and said a few reassuring things until she calmed, then began to move in very short strokes back and forth, establishing a rhythm, then lengthening the stroke. She didn’t try to keep her lips closed around my cock this time, she just let her mouth hang open and let me fuck her.

She reached behind me with her right hand and held around my waist, letting me know she was still into what I was doing. I looked down the length of her young body, laid out in front of me. Her firm little breasts above the flat stomach, stretched out as she was leant back over the edge of the bed, then her neatly trimmed cunt before lastly her smooth, beautiful legs. As I looked, she reached with her left hand to her clitoris and began to masturbate again. First running her fingers over her stiff clitoris, then reaching into her wet hole, one finger then two, going in dry but becoming wetter and wetter each time they slipped out before being plunged back in. She fingered herself in time to the movement in her mouth. My dick had been filling her mouth entirely since she had swallowed back her gagging, my movements had only emptied and filled her throat, over and over. I could see her in the bedroom mirror opposite me, her thighs fallen far apart. I watched as she reached behind and under herself with the hand she had been fingering herself with, and pressed two of her well juiced fingers to her arsehole. Pushing both inside at once, she gave a moan of pleasure, giving muffled vibrations around my cock deeply embedded in her larynx, before taking her right hand from my back and pushing the first three fingers of it into her now vacant pussy. As her fingers disappeared to the knuckle in her arse and her cunt, I reached down to cradle the back of her neck with my own hand. As she became faster and stronger with her masturbating, I matched it with my throat-fucking. Eventually I was taking so much of my dick out of her mouth on each thrust that the ridge at the base of the head was catching on the inside of her teeth before the whole length invaded the depths of her accommodating throat. I fucked Lin’s face as if I was between her legs, losing all regard for her comfort as I watched her fingers working in and out of the two holes that my dick was neglecting.

I pushed in as far as I could when finally I came, shooting spasm after spasm of come into her neck. Not moving out of her throat, I just held my weight against her chin, pulling her head into my groin to unload my semen into her gullet. She tensed, pushing her fingers into herself, hard and holding them there, her breathing rasped against my balls and she kept making “I’m coming” grunts and shouts that were stifled around my cock as she matched my orgasm. I held her face against me, my dick deep inside her until the last grip of my climax had passed, then released her. As her head fell away from my cock, to rest between my thighs, she took a deep gasping breath in.

“Fuck. I’ve never felt like that before. It felt like your dick was in my chest. I couldn’t breathe. You made me come by coming in my neck! I came!” She croaked.

“Incredible,” I couldn’t believe it, “I finally fucked your face!”

Lindsay started to move, but I put my hand between her breasts to stop her. “No, stay where you are.” I said, and she just relaxed back down with a smile on her red face.

“There’s more? How much wanking over me have you done?”

“I’ve lost pints of come for you!” Moving my hand to the side a little to stroke her left tit.

Lindsay chuckled and asked “I’m glad! Mind you, the way you came on my face, it’s a shame you haven’t lost pints of come over me!”

“Oh, I wish! I’ve wanted to come on just about every bit of you.”

“Really? No one ever came on me before, or even seemed like they wanted to.”

“Too shy to say, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to come in every hole I can get my cock into as well, but there’s something very horny about the idea of coming on you.”

“I promise you’ll get to come in every hole I have!”

“And all over you? Your face and arse, in your pubes and your hair, and right here on your tits,” I said, giving one of them a squeeze.

“All of them and more, unless I’ve waxed my pubes, then you’ll have to come on the bare skin. Now we’ve found each other again, I want to do everything there is to do. So you’ve got me pinned to the bed, where do you want to come now?”

“Nowhere just yet. I have some fantasies about ways of making you come, too!”

“Oh, good! Are they ordinary or a bit out there, like fucking my face was?”

“Both, really. Some are ordinary and some are really naughty. Some are quite loving in a way and others really degrading. Which would you like first?”

“Do something unusual, something really out there. I want you to push me to the limit. I should have known you’d be into some really naughty stuff. After all you shagged me senseless when I was 14!”

“I was 16, so that was hardly perverted of me,” I laughed. “Senseless?” I asked.

“You have no idea!” Said Lin. “I was OK if you’d fucked me, that’s why you got to do it all the time, but if I hadn’t had your dick inside me I couldn’t think straight until I made myself come a few times. It’s never the same – doing it yourself. Mind you it’s never been the same with anyone else, either. So now you have to make up for the last few years. You can do it all, but since you’ve used me like a complete slut so far and come on my face and fucked my neck, pick something that’s really slutty to make me come, too. Make it as naughty and degrading as you can, you can’t do anything that I might regret. Not if it’s you.”

“Sounds like a challenge! I bet I can make you ashamed of yourself.”


I told Lin, “Turn over.” She rolled onto her front and spread her arms out in front of her, while I moved to the right hand side of her. I set her legs a little apart and started to stroke the tops of her thighs, moving my hands toward her hot wet cunt. I placed my right hand on her bum so that my first two fingers were resting where her buttocks met, hiding her arsehole. My left hand settled between her legs and started to massage her engorged lips gently. My fingers easily worked their way between them to the wet hole within and I pushed two of them deeply into her, making her gasp with the lack of preamble to the intrusion. Without moving my right hand from where it stood guard over her anus I began to move slowly but fully in and out of her. She quickly picked up the rhythm and was moving to meet my fingers, putting a little pressure on the fingers of my right hand which I resisted. I could feel her cunt getting wetter and more accommodating as we moved together, so I took my hands away, put them either side of her hips and lifted them. Lin guessed what position I was trying to move her into, “I remember, you always did like to get me from behind!”

“Well it’s such a good view!” I answered.

She laughed and got onto her elbows and knees, letting her head rest between her forearms. I stayed where I was, to her right, and encouraged her knees apart until her thighs made an equal sided triangle with the bed, and then put my hands back where they had been. Because of the triangle position the cheeks of her bottom were spread apart and her cunt lips were open, so my right fingers rested right on her arsehole this time and I was able to put three fingers straight inside her cunt instead of just two. She gasped again as I buried them to the knuckle, but pushed back to make sure I didn’t take them away. I began a rhythm, slow but definite. It wasn’t just in and out, I pushed in with my palm facing up then, when my knuckles were pressed up against her opening stretching it a little, I twisted my hand through a half turn so the palm faced down before taking it out. This quickly became an easy fluid screwing motion. My hand got wetter and wetter as her opening got fractionally looser each time. Lin’s gasps and “uh,” noises were more and more accompanied by the wet, sloppy squelching noises coming from her other end. As soon as I thought I could, I added my little finger to the group that was screwing in and out of her and rotated my hand in past the knuckle to my thumb joint. But straight away took it out to keep up the screwing movement, just with more of my fingers.

Lin grunted as I first thrust four fingers into her and cried out, “Oh, fuck! What are you doing?”

“I’m fucking you with all four of my fingers. Do you like it?”

“Well, it’ll make me come if you keep doing it so yes- I guess I like it,” she said between breaths as I kept going, “but it hurts a bit.”

“Don’t worry, It’ll stop hurting before you come. Is it naughty and degrading enough?”

“I always thought having my bum in the air while you fucked me was degrading! God it turns me on. I feel so exposed, and now you’re getting a view of it…Do you want to fuck my bum?”

“How could I not want to fuck it? Don’t worry, It’s going to get more degrading before you come, too” I shouldn’t have told her, because she cottoned on to what was going to happen. As she did her pelvic floor clenched.

“Oh, shit, you’re going to try and put your whole hand in aren’t you?”

“And maybe put a finger in your bum, too.”


The clench had relaxed as quickly as it had happened, and I think she was a little looser after, so I took advantage and, pointing all my fingers together with my thumb in my palm I screwed my hand into Lin’s cunt. Curling my fingers down as soon as I could, I rolled my hand into a fist as she swallowed me to the wrist. There wasn’t any sudden change when my pressure overcame her resistance, I just forced my hand into her hot little cunt.

“Fucking hell! Oh my God,” she cried as her little hole stretched tightly around my hand. “Oh, God, if you want to get in my bum as well before I come, you’d better be quick!”

I could feel little twitches of tightening around my hand ahead of her orgasm but I kept my original rhythm: in then twist and out. I couldn’t actually pull my hand out with my fist closed inside her, so the movement pulled at her from inside rocking her back on the bed before moving her forward again as I pushed in, the pressure inside her always changing, her tight hole stretching and her breathing becoming harder and harder all the time and always mixed up with “Fuck”, “Shit”, or just animal noises.

After a minute or two, I turned my hand inside her so my palm was facing me as I drew it back and I put my right index finger into the small space that was made by the curve of my palm and the stretched skin of her hole and allowed my finger to be taken along with my left hand’s inward stroke. I had often had fantasies of fisting Lin, but not this. Still, she was face down on the bed grunting like an animal with her pelvis wide open to me. How was she ever to know? The middle and third finger of my right hand joined the rest at the same time as my hands twisted in and out of her.

One whole hand and three fingers to the knuckle. It was really tight and I lost my nerve. Perhaps I would get both hands into her cunt another time, besides, I really did want to get into her arse. I took the wet fingers of my right hand out, leaving my left fist. Her cunt instantly tightened back to how it had been. It didn’t remain slack at all, but all her pelvic muscles must have loosened a bit because I managed to push all three fingers into her rectum to the knuckle in one go, with almost no resistance.

“Ah, Fuck, that’s it I’m coming!” Lin yelled as my knuckles hit between her cheeks. Her animal noises got louder and more basic as she came. I kept twisting my fist in her cunt and pushing my fingers in and out of her arse. God knows what anyone in the next room would have thought, Lin was shouting for me to stop, telling me “Enough, Stop, Oh God!” in between shouting out her orgasm as I kept it going on and on.

Eventually I eased my rhythm and depth, then just held my hand and fingers inside her where they were. Her breathing slowed and when she spoke she was croaking again.

“You’re right this is fucking degrading! I thought you were going to try and put your whole hand in my bum, too. How much is in?”

I told her and said, “I was going to try and get a hand in your bum, but you came.” I told her, “I’ll do it another time, not to mention both hands in the one place.”

“Bloody hell, you really do want to just use me and abuse me, don’t you?”

I gave my fist a slow turn, “Always have. Did it make you feel like a slut?”

“Ahh. Yes. I feel like your slut. I want to fuck you and make you come as hard as I just did.”

But I just started to move my fist, still inside her, gently again in the same rolling in-and-out as before. Her arse was still impaled on my fingers, but I didn’t move them yet, I just wanted to make her realise that I was in control. I eased them slowly back so that just the tips were inside the very tight first inch or so and put my little finger tip against her stretched anus.

“Oh, God, I never thought I’d want someone to put his hand in my bum, but fuck it first will you, then there’ll be your come to lubricate my bum with.” Sad to say she had a point. I popped my fingertips out and opened my fist to get my hand out of her more easily.


Lindsay quickly rolled me onto my back and straddled me, she planted one hand in the middle of my chest and held my dick with the other, pointing it at her cunt. Although she lowered herself onto it in one go, penetrating herself with its full length, she wasn’t loose at all. We both let out a long breath with an “Aah…” as her cunt slid snugly onto me, still a tight fit, despite my recent abuse.

“That’s better,” she said, “I’ve missed you!”

Her hand, that had guided me inside, held her up with the other that was already on my chest and she started to fuck me. Lin had always been good at this even at fourteen she was a natural, I was a lucky boy to have been able to fuck her so much. I felt a stab of jealousy to the other guys she had been with since, but they quickly went from my mind. She didn’t move her body up and down my cock but rolled her hips to pull my dick back and forth. As it glided out she gripped it and pulled with the same muscles, tendons and skin that I had just been rudely stretching. Then she relaxed and impaled herself again, sliding and rolling until her lips pressed against root of my shaft, her clitoris pressed against my pubic bone and the cheeks of her bum were separated by the angle of her thighs allowing her arsehole to be pressed against my balls. She fucked me slowly and expertly for a few minutes with her eyes closed, making little noises as she did.

I pulled her face down to mine and kissed her. She kissed me back but didn’t change her fucking rhythm at all until I put my other hand on her arse and put the tip of my finger inside, then it only changed to fuck at my finger, too.

“Feels good having you in me again.” She sat up, pressing me as deeply inside her as she could. Then she shuffled to move the weight from her shins and instead of kneeling over my cock, she put the flats of her feet either side of my waist and squatted instead, balancing with her hands on my chest again. It meant that she was wider and open, allowing her to drive me deeper into her with her weight. She couldn’t rock so well in this position and after a moment or two, she suddenly opened her eyes and, as if remembering said, “Wait, you were going to fuck my arse!” She rose up, reaching under herself, looking quite sad that she was taking my dick out, so I said that she could get fucked with it any time she wanted. She laughed and slid the tip back over the tight half inch of skin to her arsehole. Thank God it was so wet, because after she had rubbed the fat tip in circles a couple of times around the little hole she took a deep breath and lowered herself – slowly – onto it. It bent with her weight, but she held the tip to her arsehole with her hand and as she increased her weight on me, she wriggled my cock and suddenly it popped inside. Her body lowered down the thick hard length slowly. She stopped briefly once or twice as I moved inside her and took a few shallow breaths, as she felt a cock intruding into her bowels for the first time.

When her arse cheeks came to rest on my thighs she let out the deep breath at last and gasped “Shit, that hurts so much and feels good both at the same time. I don’t know if it hurts more or feels good more.”

“It’ll feel good more as soon as you’re used to having it in there. If you’re not used to it before I come, I’ll gladly fuck you in the arse every day until you are used to it.”

“Shouldn’t take too long to get used to it, I like to put my finger in my bum when I masturbate. Course, your dick is bigger than my fingers, perhaps I should have had my arse fucked by someone with a normal size dick first!” It’s always nice when the person you’re screwing complains that your dick is too big. I don’t hear it too often, I might be a bit bigger than average, but I’m not a circus freak. As she started a fucking rhythm she added, “Fuck that hurts!” and stopped. After a moment or two, she started to move again, more gently this time, “That feels so strange!” At least it didn’t seem to be hurting her so much any more.

She fucked in short slow movements that meant her anus wanked tightly at the base of my cock while the bend at the top of her rectum pressed her weight onto the head. Gradually she became more confident and fucked in longer strokes, but still slowly.

“OK, I don’t think it hurts anymore,” she said as she began to rock her pelvis as well as move up and down, “still feels weird, though. Good, but weird. This has to be the fucking nastiest thing I’ve ever done!” Lin said, and then laughed, “It’ll be nastier if you ever do get your hand in there!”

Lin closed her eyes as she rocked. She was slow, but she became faster and the length of strokes deeper as she became more and more accustomed to the hard invader. She looked cute sitting on top of me, and when she leant back she looked simply incredible as she put her hands to the bed behind her and her feet on my chest with her legs together. It also raised the pressure on my cock and made her sigh as she lifted herself rolling her hips. I could look between her ankles to see her cunt, slightly open and wet enough to be dripping down her perineum to where my cock disappeared into her arse.

As good as it looked I thought I should speed things up a little. I put my hands behind her hips so I would stay inside her and lifted myself up until I was kneeling, of course that meant I dumped her on her back. She spread her arms out to the side, kept her feet against my chest and closed her eyes as I took over the fucking. As I fucked I bent her almost double with my weight on each stroke. She gasped as my dick plunged deeper and faster. She reached between her legs to her clitoris and started to rub it in time with my thrusts. I came before her, unable to contain myself, fucking my old girlfriend’s arse as I had so often dreamed. I held still, buried inside her bowel and released my come into her.

When I had finished coming, Lindsay’s legs fell open and she put her heels on the bed, she had to spread her legs wide to do it, almost doing the splits. She carried on masturbating as my hard on diminished, then suddenly called out as she came.

I leant back, still inside her and enjoyed the view. She carried on wanking. “Like what you see? Your dick in my arse while I wank?” She asked.

“Oh, yes! I thought you came?”

“I did.”

“So why are you still wanking?”

“I’m enjoying it, dummy. I’d quite like to come some more!” she said as she slid a couple of fingers into the wet, open hole.

“Want some help, or do I get to watch?”

“The rule stands- you can do whatever you want.”

“I never fantasised about watching you finger yourself while my dick was in your arse.”

“That’s OK.” She said as she closed her eyes and started to rock her hips, gently fucking me again, but obviously focussed on herself.

She looked great and my cock felt even better in her hot bowels. As I watched she reached between her legs with her other hand, rested her palm on her inner thigh and tucked her little finger behind my cock and her ring finger in front of it, both held where it disappeared into her, her middle and first fingers she pushed into her beautiful cunt and used her wet fingers that had been there to stroke her clitoris. While she wanked and rocked her hips she pressed her little finger against her tight, full anus and the rocking allowed it to penetrate her alongside my solid erection.

“I can’t wait until you put your hand in here,” She breathed, “Get ready to come with me,” She added.

I returned her rocking motion, fucking her arse again. She pulled her finger out and I took the opportunity to roll her over onto all fours and carried on fucking her arse in a doggy-style. Lin supported herself with one hand and rubbed hard and fast at her clitoris as her orgasm built. I held her pelvis so I wouldn’t knock her over and looked down to where my cock slid between her buttocks and then stretched her ring as I repeatedly pulled her body back onto my dick. Her arm buckled from under her as she shouted out her orgasm, making her shoulders drop to the bed. The change of angle triggering my own climax. I pulled my dick out and pushed Lindsay’s hips down to the bed, too. I had to put my left hand between her shoulder blades to support myself as, in what felt like a huge gripping climax, I spat out what little come I had left onto her back and her arse. I pushed my cock, pointing downward, so that it rested between her cheeks and I laid on top of her as our orgasms subsided.

“I like it when you come on me,” she said.

After a moment or so she said “I need to pee. Do you have any fantasies about that?”


“Oh, thank God!”

I rolled off her and let her get up. A moment or so later when she came back I took my turn in the bathroom.

She was asleep when I came back to the bed a moment or so later. She looked beautiful. Naked, young, fresh, thoroughly fucked and still with my come drying on her skin, her face and in her hair.

I laid her on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs as wide as I could and got a drink from the minibar. I lay on the bed for a while looking at her beautiful young body and watching her willingly abused holes recovering back to their nice tight little size, I pushed a couple of fingers against her cunt to see that it was tight again, then pressed against her arse, too, knowing I’d have my hand in there soon.

I woke the next morning to hear the shower running and went into the en-suite and was quickly turned on to see her soapy form. She saw me and my hard-on, smiled and invited me in. When I joined her I instinctively ran my hand between her legs. She stopped me:

“I seem to be all back to ‘normal’,” she said, “But I’m a bit sore. Not surprising after what you did to me.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…” I started to apologise, but Lin interrupted me.

“Don’t apologise. I’m just a bit bruised, that’s all. I’m sorry we can’t just start again now. I had the best fuck of my life last night, and I’ll be fine by tonight. You’ve got until then to choose what other fantasies of me you want to make real. But you’ll have to try harder if you want me to be ashamed of myself, perhaps you can try getting your hand in my arse, or both hands in me at once?” and she started to kneel down in the falling water to take my stiff cock in her mouth again.

Try harder than that to make her ashamed? That sounds like a challenge I’m going to enjoy.