Sinful Sunday 36 – Pierced

My 36th #SinfulSunday picture…


For me.

To celebrate almost a year together, by the time they’re healed…!

Sinful Sunday


© Charles Rochester 2016


29 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 36 – Pierced

  1. Absolutely stunning. Captured beauty and love all in one. Good to see you back. Missed your Sinful Sunday. And WOW!!! Nearly a year together. Time really does fly when you’re having fun. 💋💋

  2. Good luck both X your a lovely couple and a great help to me.

    Can’t wait to join you in me getting piercing 🙂

  3. So happy to see you back C! A fantastic writer combined with a woman who is beautiful both inside and out. It is an honour to know you both and i cannot deny i am somewhat jealous of what you both have. Congratulations on a year together and i hope to be there for many more, especially when she is incorporated into #sinfulsunday … real life couples and real life love is so inspirational. Don’t late the haters tarnish that x

    • That’s so thoughtful and beautiful of you darling, thank you so much. We are honoured to be able to call you a friend too xx

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