Thoughts On Shower Sex

In 32 ‘sexy’ things that really aren’t that sexy@EllenCScott of @MetroUK said of Shower Sex...

Oh, it sounds like such a great idea. Then you’ve got water up your nose and you can’t find a good position and you fall down and smack your chin on the side of the bath.
Pretty much the least sexy sex you can attempt.

I once heard a comedian saying to her fellow women “If you ever shower with a man, you’re going to come out of there with the cleanest breasts you’ll ever have.

As I write this, I’m also writing a story about Shower Sex. I’m having great fun putting into words the humidity, the slippery wetness of our bodies, the squeak of hands against the glass…

Perhaps it’s because it’s not a story about sex in an over-the-bath shower, but an actual shower. (“…smack your chin on the side of the bath“? really?) So long as one of you is in control, those accidents needn’t happen. An basic awareness of friction and balance, a basic care to ensure your girl doesn’t fall, and Robert’s your Dad’s brother.

But the steaminess, the heat, the hands gliding over skin, the different type of friction as you press inside because the flowing water changes it, the wet hair in your hands, the water on your face as you kiss…

A little forward thought and the problem of position is solved. Shower sex isn’t as sexy as bath sex, but (no pun intended) it stands up on its own merit.

I’m going to say no more. You think shower sex isn’t sexy? Read the story.

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