Thoughts On Nipples

In 32 ‘sexy’ things that really aren’t that sexy, @EllenCScott of @MetroUK said of Nipples

Anyone getting genuinely titillated over a nip slip needs to sort their life out.

Sure, nips can be great during foreplay or when people do the deliberate nipple outline through a top thing. But context-free nipples reeeally aren’t that exciting. We all have ’em. Calm your tits.

Oh, what a lovely pun at the end. I wonder if that bit of snark was what the whole clickbait list was about. My own bit of retaliatory snark despatched, let’s get on with Nipples

I love breasts, as I may have mentioned more than once. And what breast is complete without her crowning glory, her nipple? They’re just as varied as breasts themselves, Areolae can be large, small, round, oval, and sitting atop them the nipple itself can be a little column, a dome, or flattened. Both range in colour from a light pink to a dark red.

Different to breasts, though, until you see them you can’t tell their shape or size. They’re one of the exciting reveals of the first time you see a girl naked.

They’re also incredibly responsive to touch and to what’s happening in a girl’s body. Watching a girl’s nipples blush and harden with her excitement, feeling them change in your mouth as you suck, nibble, bite. Watching them become unbearably, irresistibly hard at the moment of orgasm, then pale and ease as the orgasm abates.

Hearing her gasp as you suck one into your mouth and lick it, so gently in the heat of your mouth. Hearing her gasp again as you take a firm hold of it with your teeth.

Enjoying the hard-yet-soft feel of her nipple stroking under the head of your cock, sliding wetly from the leaked precome, or her saliva. Or watching your come splash onto it, drip from it over her breasts…

What’s not sexy about nipples? Really!

All of the “Unsexy 32

© Charles Rochester 2016


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