Thoughts On 32 “Unsexy” Things

At the end of April I saw a post by @EllenCScott of @MetroUK called 32 ‘sexy’ things that really aren’t that sexy I tweeted it out.

While I’m loathe to send traffic to such clickbait bilge, I thought it might be fun to have a crack at thoughts on each of the 32 things she mentions.

Of course, I’m approaching them from a male perspective. But mostly, I’m approaching them from a “I don’t care if you’re Metro, Cosmo, or Masters and Johnson, who the hell are you to say what other people find sexy or not?” perspective.

So, here they are…

  1. Nipples
  2. Shower sex
  3. Not wearing any underwear
  4. Heels
  5. Facials
  6. Lip-biting
  7. Thigh high stockings
  8. Wet T-shirts
  9. Corsets
  10. 69-ing
  11. Candles
  12. Drinking beer
  13. Big boobs
  14. Titwanking, boobjacking, or breasturbating.
  15. Putting on a condom with your mouth
  16. Beach sex
  17. Feet
  18. Plane sex
  19. Food
  20. Lasting for AGES
  21. Being super flexible
  22. Bodycon dresses
  23. Being all breathy and helpless
  24. Pouting
  25. Penis compliments
  26. 50 Shades of Grey
  27. Latex
  28. Big penises
  29. Road head
  30. Long flowing mermaid hair
  31. When people are like ‘God, you’re sexy. I want you so bad’
  32. Sexy underwear

© Charles Rochester 2016


6 thoughts on “Thoughts On 32 “Unsexy” Things

  1. I think the title of the article should have been ’32 things I don’t find sexy’ but then I suppose the article wouldn’t have got as many clicks.
    There are a few things on there that I don’t think are sexy but I know full well that others do like them.

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