Thoughts On The Deadly Seven – 7: Lust

Lust. The intense and uncontrolled desire for another.


Say it out loud. It’s almost onomatopoeic.

In Dante’s Inferno, unforgiven souls of the sin of lust are blown about in a restless hurricane, the winds symbolic of their own lack of self-control to their lustful passions in earthly life.

Hell, yes. If you’re not overtaken by lust, you’re with the wrong person. If your passion doesn’t, at least at times, make you feel that you’re being blown around in its hurricane-like winds, taken along uncontrollably in its grasp, then what are you doing with yourself?

Part of being a Dominant, for me at least, is about enabling my sub to become lost in the violent bluster of passion, to sink into subspace and be carried along by her passion, by me. That she can drop into that place so swiftly, trusting me to keep her safe against the wind is part of the point, part of what I strive to achieve for her.

The great sweeping away by passion, to indulge the moment, and have her Dominant indulge in the moment, in her pleasing him, being given the ability to do that while giving him responsibility for how she is carried away, for her safety while she is taken by his lust is a great joy for a sub, and a lasting fulfilment for both sub and her Dominant.

To be lustful for my sub, to feel an overwhelming desire to take her by the hair and take her orgasm as soon as she steps into our privacy, having to contain that lust at other times is almost a form of edging!

To feel such lust is to feel that hurricane building on the horizon when we’re apart, growing in intensity, having to hold back the storm. But having the authority to unleash it when we’re together, her submitting to my direction of it as she gives herself to me and the tempest we feel, is truly not something to condemn.

That lust, that control and submission, that girl, all truly things of beauty.

Verdict: Guilty as sin

All of The Deadly Seven

© Charles Rochester 2016


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