Thoughts On The Deadly Seven – 6: Gluttony

Gluttony: The excessive overconsumption, overindulgence in something. In one of your desires. You were gluttonous for it, you were lustful for it, now you have it, you’re going to have as much of it as you can.

The word derives from the Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow.

In a literal sense, I do like to gulp down The Girl’s wet. Just as she needs me deep inside her, that’s my way of getting her deep inside me, making her, through her wet, physically a part of me. I cannot get enough of it, despite how much I can draw from her. A glutton for her? Yes.

I know she overindulges in me, in what I do with her body. I know that because her body will simply shut down in a faint, unable to cling to consciousness. And when she wakes, I make her do it again and again.

Do I overindulge in her, my desire for her? I don’t lose consciousness, but when the opportunity presents, when we have enough time, I do take from her everything I can physically take, everything she will give. And from time to time that will include things that I’ve not been able to take before, but in our desire and fulfilment we’ve pushed back her limits. Meaning there’s more to take.

Gluttony? With more and more to take, and taking it all, I’d say I can’t really defend myself against the charge.

Verdict: Guilty as sin

All of The Deadly Seven

© Charles Rochester 2016


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