Thoughts On The Deadly Seven – 4: Sloth

Sloth: Laziness, sometimes defined as physical laziness, but the original intention was about spiritual laziness, a failure to develop your whole self.

Sloth has also been defined as a failure to do things that one should do. By this definition, evil exists when good people fail to act. But I’m reminded of the Billie Holliday song “The Very Thought Of You” (sung here by Rod Stewart)

Quite gentle for a deadly sin, but those lines at the start …and I forget to do/ the little ordinary things/ that everyone ought to do… sum up the way I’m distracted perfectly.

We often say that we’re all on a journey. A self discovery and growing to be the best you that you can be. It comes down to the question: What are the things that I ought to do? If they are the things that make me a better me, then perhaps it’s up to me to decide what they should be. I’m a good Dominant, I’m a good Dad, and I’m good at my job. If I didn’t believe that, I’d be taking the time to make myself better at them. Those are things I ought to do.

In my job I follow a process called Reflective Practise – periodically I go back over the things I do and look at them with a critical eye. The objective isn’t to pat myself on the back and reassure myself that I’m fantastic. It’s to wheedle out the things I could do better and work out how.

I’ve found it such a useful learning tool that I try to apply it to the other aspects of my life. It’s true that spending a little time every now and then dwelling on all the things I don’t do as well as I could can be a bit depressing, at worst can make me feel like a failure. But I’m lucky that I have enough self-confidence to be able to ride it out, and I truly believe it makes me better. Better at my job, better at being a Dad, and a better Dominant for my sub.

Oughtn’t I do that? Damn right I ought to. My patients deserve my best, my kids deserve my best, and my sub deserves my best, too.

So if she inspires me to be a better man, what are the things I ought to do that she makes me forget to do? Beats me.

Verdict: Not guilty

All of The Deadly Seven

© Charles Rochester 2016


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