Thoughts On The Deadly Seven – 1: Wrath

Wrath Another uncontrolled emotion, like Lust and Greed. Wrath is an overwhelming hatred and anger.

Okay, I confess (if that’s not bad choice of words considering the whole religious framework of the origin of these sins) On this sin, I agree. Wrath, pure hatred and anger, is nothing but self destructive. It poisons you, casts a shadow over everything you do.

With the arrogance of youth I used to have a list. There were only two people on it. People who had crossed me, angered me. People I would, should the opportunity present, gleefully destroy. In the small hours of the morning, I’d imagine their faces as they realised it was me, my revenge, and there was nothing they could do to stop their comeuppance.

It was only when an ex did something pretty unpleasant because of her (as yet formally undiagnosed) mental illness that I realised I’d forgiven her a long time before, and I felt good for it, that I understood that harbouring those bad feelings for the other two people (not exes, incidentally, shudder) had absolutely no effect on them at all. They probably never thought about me. It was only my wrath that was keeping those events alive.

Most importantly, I believe that anger is something a Dominant shouldn’t allow himself to show to his sub. She should never be on the receiving end of his anger, nor see him on the occasions he’s angry with others. This isn’t just about vanity and only showing your best side, there’s a far more important reason.

If a Dominant can’t control his anger, if he allows it to control him, there may always be the concern in his sub that one day, maybe this time, he’ll spank her with anger. Bound and helpless, she’d be defenceless against his abuse, his release of rage. While I’m not saying that would happen with any Dominant who’s ever lost his temper, I want my sub to know without any doubt or hesitation that it will never happen to her. That she can put herself in my hands with absolute knowledge that the stinging contacts on her bottom are for her, that there’ll never be more than she needs, and that my part in it is joy, fun and sexual gratification. Not anger.

She needs to know that when I take it out of her, take it out on her, I’m in control.

Verdict: Not guilty – I feel I’ve let the sinful side down.

All of The Deadly Seven

© Charles Rochester 2016


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