Thoughts On Subspace From Above

Earlier this week I posted Thoughts On Subspace, a rather analytical view. Of course, I can’t write about the experience, the sensation of Subspace from firsthand. I’ve never experienced it, other than from my view of it from above…

But from above, watching my sub’s descent into subspace is utterly beautiful. Her growing vulnerability and dependence as she sinks deeper is something I’ve tried at times to describe in #InspiredByYou posts. The trust she places in me as she descends is total. It has to be, because the most obvious feature of her descent is her gradual and progressive loss of awareness and function as her mind focusses more and more on the immediate now.

It’s as if she’s carrying heavy burdens, but gives them up to me one by one, trusted to hold them, take them for her to relieve her of them, to allow her to grow closer to the pure essence of her, unencumbered by the world. As she gives up her strength and her burdens to me, the endorphins and serotonin focussing her more and more she gives up the less important things first, keeps hold of the more important functions; memory, breathing, consciousness, until last but even those are given up to me in the end.

Watching over her as she falls, as her breathing changes, as her worries fall away, her eyes flickering, glazing, her body and responses a puppet in my control; relaxing, coming, yielding as I choose.

Knowing her as well as I do, being together as long as we have, and being trusted so completely, I’ve been able to associate certain things with the descent into subspace, meaning I can use them as keys, shortcuts her body and mind recognise to open the door, allowing her to fall swiftly to my care, triggering a rapid descent into her space.

The ultimate of subspace is for a sub to lose everything, leaving just her instinct. To be a creature of the moment, no memory of a life before, no thought of a time after. Just sub and her Dom, her sensation and need to please him. And for her to give me all her burdens, to forget her worries, to place herself in my hands, losing her memory, her ability to speak, to count, forgetting even her name leaves her in that state, with only her desire to please me, the whole world being just us.

Once she’s deep in, that memory works both ways and she’ll not be making memories of what’s happening, time will pass without her noticing. This is why her trust and my understanding of her needs and limits is so important.

What could be more pleasing to a Dom than to have his sub give herself so absolutely? To be given all these burdens to bear for his sub, to placed in the position of caring for her, protecting her, accepting the gift of her mind, body and self in this complete way, to be trusted to give and take pleasure from her as I see fit while she’s so vulnerable, to regulate all her sensations to maintain, deepen subspace, to care for her mind, body, emotions as she returns and for the time after is deeply fulfilling. In those moments, it’s impossible not to be drawn into her space, to share to some small degree the bliss I see on her face. My own endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin kicking in to a far greater extent than they do for a simple orgasm. The experience of guiding her, holding her, providing her with what she needs in that time is for me the ultimate not only in sexual gratification but in emotional fulfilment.

I’m very lucky to be so trusted by my sub, and to understand her so well that we can maintain very deep levels of submission for quite some time. I truly find it the most beautiful and intimate experience.

It has the effect of drawing me in. Opening the door to a ‘Domspace’.

© Charles Rochester 2016


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