Thoughts On Insomnia

What is it, brain? What is it that you’re ruminating over? You think I’ve missed something, something I’ll notice if you just keep playing random shit over and over?

How far back are you going? A day? A month? No can’t be a month, can’t be further back since the last time you pulled this crap.

What is it? What have I forgotten to do, to what snippet of information haven’t I afforded the appropriate relevance? What pattern have I not recognised?

None, that’s what. I pay too close attention to the things that are important. And if it’s not from one of those, then it doesn’t matter, does it?

Fuck off, brain. Or I’ll drown you in whisky. Oh. That’s it, isn’t it. You want a drink…

© Charles Rochester 2016


2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Insomnia

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