Thoughts On Blow Jobs For Girls

I read a great piece by Malin James: The Joy Of Sucking Cock, and thought I’d write a similar one about the sheer delight of going down on a girl. But I very quickly came up against a bit of a sticking point. What language to use.

Fellatio, Cunnilingus…
Sucking off, Licking out…
Blow job/Throatfuck/facefuck, Ummm… What?

Why isn’t there a good ‘filth’ word or phrase for cunnilingus. There’s the ghastly “licking out” to go with “sucking off” which are supposedly descriptive of the act, thought not really (not if you’re doing it right, anyway). They’re also fine for teenagers, but they’re hardly a delightfully salacious partner to Blow Job, Deep Throat, Facefuck, or throatfuck.

It can’t be difficult, surely? Why haven’t we, as english speakers come up with a good name for this yet? I put out a couple of calls on twitter to see if anyone had a good name, but after many suggestions there just isn’t one that, like Blow Job, brings to mind the great abandon of giving it everything you’ve got, no holding back, no regard for mess or personal safety, just making it as good as it can be.

It’s something I enjoy enormously (and I’m going to write the blog post this was going to be!), but why haven’t I got a name for it?

Any more suggestions….?

© Charles Rochester 2016


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