Thoughts On The Necker Cube

The Necker Cube is an optical illusion. When you look at it, you see a cube. But there are two equally valid cube pictures. Stare at it long enough and your brain will switch from one cube to another.


Staring at the middle distance long enough, you will suddenly put all the pieces of a “life jigsaw” together. You’ve had all the pieces for some time, but it’s only when you put them together do you realise that the picture they make is not the same as the picture on the lid of the box the jigsaw puzzle came in. Almost the same perhaps, or maybe not at all. But you have to put most of the pieces in place to realise it. Then, of course, once it’s obvious what the picture is, easy to fill in the gaps.

People are the same. As with the Necker Cube, you can see them one way for a long time. Even argue that your interpretation is the right one. Then, suddenly, the image flips and you see them from the other side. You see what is there. It’s quite a surprise. If it really hasn’t ever happened to you, you’ll see.

Once it’s happened, that person is screwed. They can’t deceive you again. It doesn’t matter what they tell you, what they claim, because they can say what they like, if it doesn’t fit in with how they behave, the true picture, the manipulations, the lies become obvious. You take all the peices of the jigsaw, and you realise why they don’t fit. Lies don’t fit because the lie doesn’t fit the reality. You suddenly realise where all the pieces fit, and ask yourself why somebody kept the wrong boxlid in front of you.

Why did they tell you the lie, manipulate, show you the wrong picture? Usually the answer is one of three: either they needed you to think the lid showed the true picture because they wanted to use you; or they were so invested in the lie that they were too humiliated to admit it, or they don’t know the truth about themselves.

For which of these reasons did they not show you the true picture? Well, that may forever be a mystery.

The important thing is, you’ve find them out. They played their own game and they lost. Imagine how much they must hate knowing that!


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