Thoughts On Hubris

Hubris. The arrogance that offends the gods and is usually punished by nemesis.

We’ve all done it. Think we know best, even when others around us have time and again shown us the evidence that we’re wrong. Being wrong isn’t a problem. Walking knowingly into situations that will harm us is, however, plain stupid.

Doing it without a shield, without a safety net is inviting nemesis. If you’re lucky enough to have a shield, you should do all you can to keep it.

How can you keep your shield, your Knight? Put simply: don’t treat them like shit. Nurture those who care, not those who offer cheap attention. Nurture those who value you, instead of those who’d use you. Don’t tell them they have no right to be hurt, then play the injured party when they do something similar to you, but less.

Don’t feign hurt because they try to be supportive. Don’t wilfully misinterpret their words as negative, as “digs” just because you know, deep down, that you deserve those “digs” and scorn rather than the care and support they offer.

No White Knight will ever be the instrument of nemesis. But only a fool would continue to offer care, protection and a safety net to someone who takes them for granted, lies to them, repeatedly shows them they’re unimportant, strings them along, leaves them in confusion and fails to take responsibility for their behaviour.

But that nemesis will come. They know that already. It will come from within you, and because of your own actions.

Your own refusal to accept responsibility, to blame others, to accuse them of your own wrongdoings, will lead you to fail again and again, because you’ll never learn your lesson. But one day, you will wake, and you will realise what you’ve become. And that there will be no one who values you to stand with you.

And who will you have to blame then? Who’ll believe your hollow excuses?


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