Thoughts On Effort

This morning on twitter, one of my followers (no, I’m not saying who, put in the legwork yourself, the post is called “effort“!) was expressing how she felt her all wasn’t enough. She did it in six words. It got me thinking. I’ve taken more than six. This is for her to think about before she puts too much of herself into it. I hope she doesn’t mind…

Effort – You make an effort, or you don’t

If someone makes the effort, it’s because they want to. If you want people to make an effort for you, you have to make sure you show them the effort is appreciated. If you don’t, and you show them that your effort is directed elsewhere, then after a while, they’ll just direct their effort elsewhere too, somewhere that they feel it is reciprocated. And if they don’t show you your effort is appreciated, why give it your all?

No one can be angry if someone doesn’t make an effort. If they don’t want to make an effort for someone, why should they? People can be disappointed, they can be hurt, but the simple truth is if an effort isn’t being made, it’s because they just didn’t want to anymore. Would it really be better if you made someone feel they had to make an effort when they didn’t want to? No.

No one needs to be angry when this happens. They just need to recognise it. If you’re the one paying attention and putting in the effort, you’ll see when that effort isn’t being returned. Maybe they don’t favourite your tweets, or reply when you @mention them. Maybe they’re online on WhatsApp or iMessage or text for a time without bothering to read your message, while telling you they’re busy. They are busy. They’re busy directing their effort elsewhere.

I would hope not but maybe, as harsh as it sounds, they’re just indifferent towards you.

Whatever it is, you’ll see it. Don’t be angry, you just didn’t keep their interest. All their fine words were probably meant when they were said. Things change. They’re not making the effort, you don’t inspire them, you’re not their priority. If they’re not making the effort, it’s very noble to continue to make the effort yourself, but there comes a point when it’ll become self-destructive. We’ve all been there at some time in our lives, the temptation to keep giving it your all, as you said on twitter you would, is powerful, but if your all isn’t enough, or just isn’t what they want, then when they stop making the effort for you, be supportive of that change by making it yourself, too.

© Charles Rochester 2015


Taking Pleasure

He hesitated. Just momentarily. His hard cock in his hand, poised at the tightly closed hole of her upturned arse.

Once before he’d tried this with her, he’d bottled it after just the head of his cock had hurt her. She’d cried out, told him to stop, he hadn’t wanted to hurt his beautiful girlfriend. But he was going to do it this time.

I want you to do it to me,” She’d said.
What if it hurts you again?
Just keep going. I know you want to do it. Let me do it for you. Please?” He’d been concerned, it had showed on his face. “Promise me. Promise you’ll fuck me in the arse, promise you’ll do it until you come.
Uh, okay,” her uncharacteristic language, her sitting naked, cross legged on the floor in front of him, her excitement exposed, asking for him to do it, demanding it. Too much to resist.
If I start, I’m not going to stop. Even if it hurts. Even if you beg me.
I want it to hurt. I want you to make me beg you to stop. I’ll cry and scream and beg, and I want you to ignore it and just keep going, take pleasure from me. I want it to be all for you!

Now. He’d do it now. No time for her to change her mind.

Get on your hands and knees,” he’d instructed. Meekly, nervously she’d complied.

Now here he was, poised with his cock in his hand, touching the head against the tight hole he’d wanted to fuck for months. That he’d been denied a few weeks before.

She screamed in pain as he brutally jammed his cock into her ass. He wasn’t gentle, he didn’t let her get used to to intrusion, he just pressed his cock against her small, tight hole and forced its whole length deep into her. Taking from her what she’d so desperately wanted to give.

As he held her hips, pulling her back to meet his hard thrusts, tears burst from her eyes, she cried out, telling him not to stop, telling him to fuck her harder, craving the pain, the knowledge he would take from her everything she had to give. As much as it hurt, she felt herself starting to come as her boyfriend enjoyed her little body for his own pleasure.

Her body lose and limp, through her tears, the wracking breath of orgasm, she called out that she was coming. Her boyfriend, holding off no longer, felt his own climax build and holding himself inside her with his body weight, he felt his cock twitching, flooding her inside with his come.

As the deep satisfaction of the combined pain and pleasure, the sense of achievement, of overcoming her fear, her pain to please him settled over her, she talked to him through the damp pillow under her face,

Thank you, thank you for not stopping, taking what you want,” then quietly, almost to herself, “I love it when you hurt me.”

He pulled his spent cock from her quivering body and presented it to her face. “Now suck it clean, and don’t stop until I say.” Tears still on her face from the combination of the wonderful torture and her own orgasm, she took his cock in her mouth and greedily began to clean it. He looked down at the tear stained face of his beautiful girlfriend, he flooded with love and gratitude for what she’d given him. He lifted her face to his, kissed her deeply, then returned it to tend to his cock. Taking her head in both hands before pulling it onto him, forcing his cock fully into her face and down her throat for the first time.

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© Charles Rochester 2015