Thoughts On Choking

My hand, closing around her throat…

It’s a theme you’ll find cropping up again and again on this blog. Why? What is it about it that I find so erotic?

As is so often the case for me, it’s about control, taking it, giving a little back or not as I see fit. Whether a girl has her back to the wall, is leaning against me, or is laying down, holding a girl’s throat is, behind taking a fistful of hair, the second best way of controlling her body. But it has the added bonus of controlling more than just her position.

I don’t want to discuss the methods, or try to describe them. This is one of the things I get to be good at because of my knowledge of anatomy and physiology. What I would say to anyone thinking of trying it is be very careful. Start easy, start gently. If you get this wrong, you’re going to have a problem.

So remember the motto that every Dom should have branded on them:

Take Care

Close attention to your girl is needed. You should already be very familiar with even the smallest cues and signals her body gives. When she can’t talk she can’t use a safe word if that’s your normal practice, and if you don’t, as I don’t, then you must know your girl’s responses inside out. What I will say is that depending on how you hold her neck, you can restrict her breathing, restrict the blood flow to the brain, stop her from swallowing, speaking, but – done well – still get your cock as far down her throat as its length will allow. But why would you? Why restrict those things?

Restricting a girl’s breathing will do a few things. It will fatigue her muscles, cause her body to course with an additional rush of adrenalin, her body will prioritise the blood and oxygen where it’s needed most: Her brain and her orgasm. Her body’s function becomes about nothing else. Her whole self centres on her orgasm. Slowly, very slowly you can take her to the edge of consciousness and beyond.

As for restricting blood flow, that’ll starve her brain of oxygen, drive her to unconsciousness if you choose just as well as starving her of oxygen, but quickly. In seconds. Personally, that extreme of choking isn’t for me, when I steal her consciousness it’s by making her come so hard she can’t fight off the clouds, the closing mists of the faint. When I restrict blood flow, I do it with a very close attention and high awareness of her body’s responses, have her surf the edge of consciousness, rather than deny it entirely.

Starving the brain of a little oxygen raises the level of euphoria, creates a purity of sensation where there’s room only for the sensation of the moment, heightened, raised, and no space or time for thought. All the while driving her body to orgasm, allowing her to have little awareness but you and what you’re doing to her body. And then, as you release her as she comes, there’s the rush of oxygen, the flood of serotonin and oxytocin. The orgasm more powerful for it. And the closeness, the protection, the care, the love.

Why do I find choking so erotic? If you have to ask, I’d ask you: Why don’t you?

Yes, there’s another sort of choking of course, that you get from deepthroat without a well trained gag reflex (or choosing to allow it). I’ll do a post on that another time.

© Charles Rochester 2015


5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Choking

  1. Choking is, indeed, a sport only for those who really know what they are doing. I love it when Daddy reaches up and clamps his hand around my neck. You are accurate, sir, when you say it forces a woman to focus all of her energy on the orgasm. That and the power of her Man. It is intensely erotic to feel so helpless, at the mercy of a Man who can give you everything you want, or take it away.

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