Thoughts On @Killing_Kittens

I’ve followed Killing Kittens on twitter since last year. They’ve always seemed to be a company worth putting up with the constant “Posted a new picture to Facebook…” tweets.

I was rather excited earlier today when after all these months they requested to follow me back. Perhaps someone there had stumbled across my blog? Or a mutual follower had posted a link? Either way, a national company, with a recognisable name wanted to follow me. Hell, maybe in time I could get them to sponsor the blog!

Now, I’m very aware of my position online. I have a small twitter with only around 350 followers, and a blog that gets a couple of thousand reads a month. I’m not a big time tweeter or blogger. I’m perfectly happy about that, I’m sure if I wanted to – aggressively following likely accounts and other strategies – I could get loads more followers and readers, but I’m not here for that. I’m happy just putting my thoughts down and chatting to people. I’m lucky that there are a few of you who seem to like what I write.

So to attract the attention of a brand like Killing Kittens was quite exciting. After all, they weren’t just following me for a followback – I already followed them.

In fairness, I wasn’t so surprised. I’m probably their target market. Yes, I know they supposedly market to women in a pro-sex, empowerment manner, and yes, I’ve heard the rumours about them buying in escorts so there are lots of available young women at their parties… But I’m pro-sex, I’m not sexist, I’m well mannered, respectful, and (I believe) not repulsively ugly. I’m just the sort of person they’d likely want at a party.

So when I accepted them and sent a “Hello @Killing_Kittens, welcome!” tweet, I was surprised that they instantly unfollowed me. They had no more information that they had before! So, in a rare move, I unlocked and tweeted them to ask why. Politely.

And they blocked me. Yes, blocked. Not “ignored”, or embarrassedly admitted they hadn’t meant to request a follow, but blocked.

Not the best way to build goodwill!

So come on,  KK, unblock me, request to follow again. I don’t harbour grudges, and I don’t expect an apology, but I’m curious to know what happened there. So all of you with unlocked accounts, by all means click that share button down there, get their attention!

Will I still go to a party? Maybe. But I won’t sign in as @AnOlderMan!

Rant over.


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