Thoughts On Toe Sucking

I confess, for me this is a relatively new discovery. In my desire to experience every inch of a girl, and while she was laying on my bed, I stroked her legs, her feet, kissed them, and wanted to lick and suck all of her. So, on impulse, I took her big toe into my mouth.

She gasped.

Had I not had my mouth full, I would have, too. As I tasted each of her toes, sucking them into my mouth, sometimes two or three at a time, licking around and between them with my tongue, under them, between them and the balls of her feet, her head fell back, her mouth open. Gasping.
In hindsight I’m not surprised. Considering how much I love having her lips close around my fingers or my thumb, the wet heat of her mouth around my skin, her tongue exploring them. Considering how much I love to explore and possess her body, all of her body, to express that in this act of caring, nurturing, and how much she needs that totality of being taken too…

Why should her sheer pleasure, my utter enjoyment be a surprise?

But what is it that is so enjoyable about it? The fact that she has to be off her feet? That you have to control her feet in case she kicks? That the feel of your mouth over her toes, your tongue milking at them, so consumes her? That you taste yet more of her skin? That she has been taken more completely by me?

I haven’t done enough of it to have thought about it at the time – I’ve just spent some time losing myself in doing it on a few occasions. So I honestly don’t know, but did I mention her skin, the texture, the taste of her. In my mouth. And her gasp? Did I mention her gasp?

I know how good it feels when she takes me inside her mouth: my fingers, my thumb, my cock. I can see the effect on her of having her toes sucked, and I’ve simply loved doing it. Why wouldn’t I want to do it more?

I hope to spend a great deal of time finding out why it’s so good. You should too. As a tip, I’d highlight the feel of her in my mouth, the taste of her, exploring between her toes and her gasp.

Her gasp. In case I didn’t mention it.

© Charles Rochester 2015


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