Thoughts On Blogging

I started this blog six months ago. I was encouraged by a few of my followers on twitter, and I thought I’d be lucky to get a couple of dozen readers each month to share my filthy thoughts.

I wanted to just pop up this post to say thank you and to show you my excited #StatsPorn. I understand that you’ll all find this crashingly boring, but that’s why this isn’t my only post today, and I didn’t even bother putting it on twitter!

Each time I hit a landmark I get ridiculously excited. Mostly because when I started, I genuinely thought I’d get half a dozen views of each post. Maybe I’d hit double figures if I was lucky. So when I got a total of 100 views, then 1000, I was over the moon. Then in March I got 1000 in a month. In April, 2000.

I’m partly thrilled that people seem to enjoy what I write, and partly bewildered that you do. But please keep enjoying it. Definitely keep telling me when you enjoy it. Thank you.

Statistics up to the end of April 2015

Statistics up to the end of April 2015

And up to mid May. looks like another good month…

Statistics to Mid-May 2015

Statistics to Mid-May 2015

Okay, wanky self congratulatory posts done for 6 months.

Now go here and read some filth.

© Charles Rochester 2015


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