Thoughts On Blushing

The way when she blushes, her eyes flicker downwards as if she’s trying to hide the thoughts inside, the thoughts which made her cheeks flame. The shy bite of her lip trying to conceal the smile that she can’t suppress.

If a girl blushes and looks away, there’s a reason. There’s a thought in her mind that has overwhelmed her, taken her by surprise, perhaps. And it’s a thought of you. A thought she found looking in your eyes.

Blushing in this situation has the same physiological root as arousal. The dilation of capillaries in response to a flood of adrenalin, the flushing of blood to delicate tissues. Dilation of the pupil, fullness of the lips. And the wettening, the preparation. Blushing is a manifestation of arousal. Of course it has an effect on us when we see a girl, close to us, in our arms, blushing. It’s no wonder we find it indescribably attractive in a girl we’re already drawn to.

Not to mention the whole pink skin effect that I like so much. Utterly transfixing.

What exactly is behind those eyes? What is the thought, the image, the passion that has washed over her? Ask. Go on, If you’re very lucky, she’ll shake her head, look away more, and say she won’t tell you. Gasp “No!” losing the word in an embarrassed laugh.

I’m just remembering the last time she did this. In bed, in the middle of the afternoon, her head on the pillow facing me. She knows why.

I need you now. I need you. Now.

© Charles Rochester 2015


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