DomDespair, Anyone?

We’re supposed to be strong, your rock, unflappable, solid.

But there’s a chink in the armour. A flaw. One we have, one I’d argue if we don’t have then you should run from us. But we can’t speak of it, it is our weakness, one that rears its head just at the time you need the solidity.

The thing that dare not speak its name, is our feeling of loss and despair after we’ve enjoyed time with you. It coincides with SubDrop, happens at the same time. SubDrop, but for us. There’s a physical pain in our chest, a wrench, pulling us toward you. It’s a feeling of being utterly bereft. You’re gone.

We know you’re hurting, too. And that it was your time with us that has led to your drop. We’re not with you, so we’re unable to help while you’re crashing, but wanting nothing other than to hold you and tell you it’ll be alright, to tell you we’ve got you, to tell you you’re wonderful, you’re safe.

Any good man will always put his girl’s needs first. That’s what the dynamic is all about, after all. You rely on us for that. So we’ll be strong, be your rock, be unflappable, be solid. Because at that moment, that’s what you need from us. And that’s what we need to be for you.

And we can be, for one simple reason: You. That strength, that foundation we provide, that unshakability, we draw from your submission, your trust, you. Just as you find your peace at my feet, I find my peace in you.

We’re supposed to be strong, your rock, unflappable, solid.
For you, we are.

© Charles Rochester 2015


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