Thoughts On Breasts

I can’t abide the term “Tit-Man“. Quite apart from sounding like a really crap superhero, it implies that you don’t appreciate everything about a woman, seeing her instead as merely the transport for her breasts.

I’m not a “Tit-Man“, or an “Arse-Man“, “Leg-Man” or anything else except a man who loves women, and everything about them. Primarily their minds.

But that doesn’t stop me appreciating a woman’s breasts. Yes, if you have nice breasts I am going to look at them, admire them. I’m a heterosexual man, what do you expect? We are, frankly obsessed with them. We don’t have them, you see. We like to see them dressed in beautiful lingerie, we like to reveal them, caress them, maul them, nibble and bite them. Take a shower with a man and I guarantee you very clean breasts by the end of it.

I understand why women get self conscious about them. Big or small, if men had to go around with our cocks presented for all to see, we’d be self conscious, too (though not on twitter it seems!) While the comments we make tend to be about size, that’s not the half of it. There’s firmness, pertness, direction, shape…

We don’t have to fancy a girl to look at her breasts. Admire the shape though her clothes, imagine how her breasts look uncovered. That’s just normal. A lot of the time we’re comparing the them to the ones owned by the girl(s) we do fancy, just as we compare everything else: face, hair, legs, bottom (sometimes in that order). But if I fancy you, too, I’m going to be imagining far more that just their shape. I’m going to imagine their feel in my hands, the texture of the skin, your nipples, how they’d respond to my breath after I’ve wetted them with my lips, how my cock would feel between them, how they’d look with my come dripping from them. Or onto them from your chin.

Given a chance, I’m going to find all those things out.

Despite all this, I urge all men to observe the first rule of cool: When you’re talking to a woman, only smile at her face.

© Charles Rochester 2015


5 thoughts on “Thoughts On Breasts

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  2. ‘Or be repulsed by them if they’re unpleasant.’ What should someone with unpleasant breasts do, do you think, in response to sentences like this? Cry? Stay in? Bind them? Save for cosmetic surgery that might or might not help the situation?

    Really. Tell me. I’ve got droopy boobs that have fed children for a total of over four and a half years. What should I do with the shock of humiliation and sadness I feel when I read this? Should I wear a t-shirt that says ‘sorry for disgusting you’, to advertise my self hatred, to convince those poor onlookers of the guilt I feel for inciting their repulsion with my ugly body?

    • Dear Miss Bailey,

      I must sincerely apologise. I forget sometimes that this blog is more widely read than among those with whom I already talk, and who would recognise instead the many lines of appreciation, not the one line that has upset you.

      I work with bodies as my profession. For me, beauty is inherent, always there in one form or another. The line was intended as a ‘dig’ not at those who are unhappy with their bodies, but as a self aware dig at myself and the attitude I and other men have toward breasts. We love them, in all shapes, sizes, degrees of firmness, or indeed age. Even breasts not so loved by their owners. It’s also easy to forget that women often have body issues around their breasts, although I do make a reference to that in the short piece.

      Tell me: What made you think I meant breasts like yours? I don’t in any way describe what I might find “unpleasant” (although I reserve the right to my own preferences!). So while I’m truly sorry if you were upset, I’d ask you to recognise that I didn’t describe your breasts – or breasts similar to yours – negatively, and I feel strongly you shouldn’t assume I meant breasts such as yours simply because you may find them unpleasant or prefer if they were different. I’m somewhat distressed that you hate your body so reflexively that you would assume I might mean breasts like yours.
      I assure you, some of the most beautiful breasts I’ve enjoyed (outside my profession) have been those of women who have had children. They have a far greater texture, sensitivity, skin tone, regardless of sometimes being what you describe as “droopy”.
      I assure you, too, that from the point of view of any man worthy of your time, the only distressing thing about your body is how you feel about it. I understand it can be difficult at times, but I implore you to seek the beauty in it.

      I am truly sorry if you were upset by that line. But I’d ask you to recognise that your reaction was from your feelings about your breasts, and not mine.

      All the best,
      C. Rochester

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