Thoughts On Hair

Hair is a beautiful expression of how a girl sees herself. It’s the most adaptable part of the body, so the range of expression is endless. Length, colour, style. All can be changed, all can show others what is inside.

Do you have long hair, short, shoulder length. Are you growing it out, recently had it cut short? Is it regularly pampered, or do you just wash it and blow dry, then go about your day?

Length says a great deal about how you see yourself over time; colour, less time; style, that day. Like a man’s shoes, the condition of your hair says everything about how much you respect yourself as a woman. You can’t change it in a day. You either look after your hair or you don’t.

But the best thing about hair is what I can do with it. I can stroke it, if we’re in a gentle mood, lightly hold a few strands between my fingertips and place it behind your ear. I can brush it from your face. I can weave my fingers through it, into it. I can close my hand around it and pull it. I can hold it firmly, control your head, guide you to where I want your head, your face, your lips.

If I’m inside you, I can take a handful and pull you onto me, arching your back, twisting your body to its limits of movement. I can hold your head back, keeping it in place so I can kiss your neck, bite you, or push my cock deeper into your throat, prevent you from drawing away even when you can’t breath or you’re choking.

I can hold you against the wall while I make you come with my other hand, your nervousness about whether your legs will take your weight when you come or if I’ll be holding you up by the hair. Or bring you to your knees, or hold you down.

I can even weave a bond into it to restrain you, tie you to a headboard with it.

Why can I do these things? Because no one resists the guiding hand in their hair.

But if you don’t look after your hair, if you don’t take care of it as I take care of you, why would I want to hold it, to stroke it, to pull it, to guide you? That’s the most important thing about hair: By taking care of it, I know you’re someone I can take care of in turn. Because it shows me you respect yourself.

© Charles Rochester 2015


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