Subdrop, anyone?

So you played a scene with a guy. Maybe it was harder than you usually play, or maybe it was with someone who surprised you, or maybe it was with someone you knew well. Maybe he took you excitingly far. Excitingly fast. Faster than the path another has been carefully taking you down.

You played for a couple of hours one afternoon, you forgot the world, forgot yourself, then when you got home it all came crashing in. Why had you forgotten? Why had you done those things? How could you let someone do those things to you? What would the people who care about you think?

But you know there’s someone who you can turn to. A man who cares about you. But you feel you can’t talk to him. Maybe he’ll be hurt? Maybe he won’t want to hear it? Maybe you’ll drive him away?

It will hurt. He’ll hate to hear it. Every word will be a shard of ice driven through. It’ll twist his soul to listen. But he’s the man you should talk to. If he cares, if he – dare you think it, dare he say it – loves you, then he wants you to be happy, wants to support your journey. He cares more for your happiness than for any hurt you could cause him. And he’s told you, he’s there for you and he’s not going away.

You know who he is.  He’s the man you should talk to. Don’t shut him out.

Trust he has the strength he claims.

© Charles Rochester 2015