Bites, Scratches, Bruises and Welts: Thoughts On #SexMarks

I confess, I like sexmarks. I like making them and I like carrying them. I like to feel a girl scratch the skin from my back in the throes of orgasm. I like to feel her teeth sinking into the skin of my chest, my shoulder. I like to bite beautiful skin. I like to hold a girl so firmly she gets a bruise from the impression on my fingers, my hand. And if you’re a regular reader, I think you’ll know I like the pink and red skin on a girl’s bottom after I’ve spanked her.

Why don’t I allow this, then? Easy: I’m not in an exclusive relationship. I do not want to see the marks another man left on a girl’s body, and I don’t want a girl to see the marks another girl left on mine. I think it’s disrespectful to the girl I’m with if she has to see what another girl did. When I’m with a girl, she should know she’s the only person that matters. She should feel that she’s my top priority, not just for the time she’s there, but at all times. That’s how I want to feel, too: that I’m that girl’s top priority. If I don’t feel that way, I’m not likely to ask to see a girl again.

Of course I do have a girl who is my top priority, that’s only natural. I didn’t mean for it to be so, but I like her more than I meant to like her. But if I spend time with another girl, she shouldn’t feel any less important, because at the time I’m with her she isn’t.

Of course I’ve broken this rule. That’s what rules are for, after all. But only once outside an exclusive relationship. Giving in to the urgency, the passion, the raw desire The bite, the scratch. The bruise that develops over the next few days that you can poke and feel her teeth all over again. The sorenesses you can soothe away with well placed kisses and licks and strokes. Tending for her, for the marks I left on her… The trust that comes from knowing how hard you can be, and that she will be hard enough.

Instead I settle for lightly raking nails over the skin, or little nips.

Perhaps I should reconsider, but… disrespectful.


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