Thoughts On Mess

Mess. Mmm.
Pardon me if you don’t like a mess during sex, but how do you expect to enjoy yourself?

Are you always thinking “Ew, I must – at the moment I least want to have to think about it – make sure there’s no sticky hot come to wipe up later.”?
Or “This girl I’m with is so incredible, I must make sure she doesn’t see how much she’s made me come.”?
Or “Oh, this is amazing, I hope he has a tissue so I don’t get any of the icky stuff on me.”?

It’s very simple really: if I’m enjoying myself, if you’re beautiful, sexy, and good, the last thing I want to do is hold back. I want to enjoy the moment. And if that means relishing the sweet wetness all over your inner thighs, feeling it, tasting it… It’s the evidence that you’re enjoying our sex as much as me. That’s just going to make it better. If my face is between your legs, I’m not going to be thinking “I must be careful only to touch that with the tip of my tongue, I wouldn’t want it smearing on my face!” I want your wet cunt smearing its slick on me. Delicious.

And why would you be okay with my cock in your mouth, okay to swallow my come, or have it flooding from my cock inside your cunt, your ass, but think it unpleasant to have it on your breasts, you ass, your face, running out of you onto your legs while I use it to lubricate your clitoris and make you come some more? Why would you not be excited by me wiping the remains of my orgasm on your cheek or in your hair?

It’s like kissing you after I’ve come in your mouth, or going down on you: why would I care if my come is there? It’s my come! And kissing you, licking your cunt, that’s fun. You like it.

Sex is a complete, all consuming activity. When I’m enjoying it, it’s all I care about: our sheer enjoyment. I want to feel and see how much you’re loving it. If you’re enjoying it to the same degree as me, my excitement and the outcome of that, will heighten your excitement, too, surely?

Mess isn’t essential, it’s not necessary. But that’s true of most sex acts: I don’t need my cock in your mouth for it to be satisfying sex, or anal, or to yank you around by the hair, or to spank you, or to come more than once.

But sex is better with all those things. Why take any of them, including mess, off the table? It just bewilders me.

And, ultimately, who wants prissy, Victorian clinical sex?

I’m excited by you. Mess is one of the ways I might want to express that. Doesn’t that excite you, too?

© Charles Rochester 2014


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