Hairdressing. Thoughts on intimate topiary.

So many options, so many preferences.

I like to trim. I keep myself neat and tidy, but I don’t shape the area. I hope, when a girl sees or feels my hairdressing, that it conveys a sense of my personal hygiene and care. That’s certainly the impression I have when I see that a woman has applied a little thought and time to her own intimate topiary.

So for me, that’s preference number one: I prefer some work. I think I share this preference with most men. A full untrimmed bush of pubic hair just carries a suggestion that a woman doesn’t give herself any consideration, any thought, any care. I know that’s not the truth of the matter. Many women have made a conscious choice not to trim, just as many make the same choice not to shave their legs or their underarms. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m allowed a different preference.

A full shave. If you were to judge female genitalia from porn alone, you’d rapidly reach the conclusion that – apart from an unfortunate few – adult women simply didn’t have pubic hair, just like pre-pubescent girls. Adult women do have pubic hair. I have a preference for women to be younger than me, but I quite definitely do not have a preference for pre-pubescent girls, and nor, I hope, do most men. So why do so many seem to have a preference for their sexual partners to masquerade their genitals as pre-pubescent? While some of my previous partners have shaved, either occasionally or all the time, as someone with two daughters (one teenage and one under 10) I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the idea. On the other hand, many women prefer it. I’ve been told by those previous girlfriends that it offers additional skin for sensation, that it feeds their sense of being younger, or being less in charge. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m allowed a different preference.

Trimmed and shaped. There are so many ways to shape your pubic hair that I can’t possible think about them all. For me, I like any skin outside a girl’s knickers to be without hair. No stray wisps to spoil the anticipation of the reveal. After all, if you’re going to the effort of shaping, why allow your hair to spill out from the very garment that’s there to cover it until the material is thrillingly removed? It suggests to me a failure of pre-planning! Apart from that, however you’ve shaped it is going to be exciting. But if it’s a nice sixth-of-a-circle, short-trimmed cake slice and there’ll be no blood left in my brain.

Is that it? Am I so shallow?

Absolutely not. Ultimately, as with your underwear preference and so much else, the thing that’s sexiest, the thing that I’ll enjoy most is the thing that makes you feel best about yourself: most attractive, most sexual, most aroused. Because if you’re with me, that’s how I want you to feel.


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