The Hotel Room

This is the whole story, written in its original form.
I was trying to explore the experience from a female perspective.
I’d be interested to hear what you think.

I saw you before you saw me, across the conference hall. I felt a bit hot and Marjorie asked what it was, because I’d blushed. She followed my gaze and saw you, and started teasing me. She’s always known I’ve had a bit of a thing for you, even if she doesn’t know the extent of it.

It wasn’t long before I caught your eye. I hope I lit up the way your face did. You’re still just how I think of you, if a little more, er, distinguished around the edges. It suits you, and the smile you gave me, that I’ve never seen you give anyone else, made me melt, just the way I used to. I must have blushed again, because Marjorie started taking the piss about you.

In a way I’m quite pleased I didn’t get any closer to you during the day, than that. I’m not sure I would have gone through with our plans. Not out of not wanting to, but through nerves. I felt like a little girl with a crush (which I suppose, deep down, I am). When we met for dinner though, I knew I’d be alright.

I don’t think I’ve ever danced with you before. But I suppose that this wasn’t dancing but foreplay. The way you held me in your arms brought back all the feelings I used to get about you. I couldn’t wait to get upstairs, but you insisted on staying in the ballroom the whole evening. As foreplay it worked. You teased and tempted me for hours: the alcohol and the occasional brushes against me, my hips, my bottom, my breasts. Your strong hands, holding me, guiding me on the dance floor. The skin of your cheek next to mine during the slow dances toward the end. Your breath on my neck. All combined to make me want, no, to make me need to give myself to you.

Eventually, people began to leave for their beds, and we went, too. I left first. Even after the dancing, we didn’t want people to see us leave together. You went to the bar to get another couple of drinks while I got in the lift. I got to my room and quickly got ready for you: got the lights low, turned down the sheets and did the silly things, too, like make sure my knickers were on straight, my stockings level and my breath OK.

Then you knocked on the door. I opened it and you stood there, framed by the lights of the hallway, and I knew the things I was going to get you to do to me, and that there were things you would ask me to do. I knew I’d do them, too, whatever they were. But best of all I knew that I didn’t have to wait any longer.

A drink in each hand, you stepped in through the doorway and leaned down to kiss me. I closed my eyes, wrapped my arms around your neck and let myself get lost in the kiss. Your warm soft lips met mine, slightly apart, the pressure of the kiss opened them more to allow your tongue to meet mine. I tasted you for the first time in years, and mixed with the touch and smell of you, all my best memories of you were with me, all at once. I heard the door close behind you when you kicked it, then I had to move back as you started to walk forwards, without stopping the kiss. I reached the table and couldn’t move any farther. I heard you put the drinks down behind me, the felt you take me in your arms and hold me to you. Making me yours.

I felt your arms loosen, letting your hands encircle my waist. We held each other, kissing for a few moments, remembering, getting used to each other’s touch again. Then, quite suddenly your hands slid up my back to the top of my dress’s zip and pulled it down. Releasing my hands from your neck and stepping back from you, I allowed the dress to fall from my shoulders, down my body to the floor. I saw your eyes follow it, taking in my full, firm breasts, tight contoured stomach, past my thighs and legs to the crumpled heap of material around my ankles. Stepping out of the dress, I was wearing only my stockings and the “nice little knickers” you’re so fond of. So small, that they virtually disappeared as I turned slowly around so that you could take in a full view.

Our mouths met again, passionately and deeply. I could feel your tongue in my mouth as I pushed mine into yours, enjoying your taste. You lifted me up and carried me to the wall and pinned me against it. Your left hand moved from behind my waist to my right breast, and – despite the power of your kiss – gently held it, caressing it, encircling the nipple, in just the way you must have remembered I enjoy best. Then your hand began its move down, past my ribs to the thin elastic of my knickers’ waistband. You twisted your finger in it, and pulled me even closer to you, tightening the fabric between my buttocks and thighs, forcing the moisture that had been there since you arrived to soak into the lace.

Then your hand released the waistband and your fingers brushed over the outside of the small triangle of cloth at the front. You stroked, short and gentle, up and down the fabric, slowly becoming little circles that traced lower and lower. Brushing over my clitoris then farther down to trace the outline of my lips, your movements meant I had to move my feet apart more and more to allow your exploration. Eventually they must have been over two feet apart, allowing enough space between my thighs for all of your fingers to lightly stroke there. Then in one movement up, in and down to place your skin between me and my underwear. You stopped kissing and drew your head back, smiling that same smile again.

“You remembered!” You said.

“Well, you are the only person that’s shaved me, It’s hard to forget.” I answered. I had shaved and moisturised just before dressing for dinner, and my skin was smooth, soft and hairless. I shyly dropped my eyes and held myself up against your still fully clothed body as you started to reach with your fingers for my clitoris.

We must have looked odd, I was naked except for hold up stockings and very small knickers that you had your hand inside anyway, with my legs spread over half a meter apart, pinned to the wall by a man still in his dinner suit. You’d not even taken off your cummerbund, yet, only your bowtie was hanging loosely around your neck, your first shirt stud undone.

I turned my face back up towards yours and found our lips together. I sucked your bottom lip between mine and nibbled it as your fingers began a slow teasing rhythm along the length of my clitoris. You stretched down to stroke over my wet opening, to make your fingers slippery. I shivered as you used your thumb to draw back the hood and started to play small circles about the head with your wetted finger. My breathing became deeper as I hugged your neck with my arms. My legs weakened and I knew you were taking most of my weight on your right arm, between me and the wall. Quickly, faster even than I thought you would be able to take me there, I felt an orgasm building. I suppose it had been building since I saw you that morning, and certainly since dinner began, and when it happened it felt like a whole day bursting out over me.

I know I yelled some pretty good things about you at that moment, but I can’t remember exactly what, but then you’ll remember I never was a quiet comer and you’ve always made me shout louder than anyone else has.

You took your hand out of my knickers when I had stopped shaking, and put it behind me. As we carried on kissing, my sense of touch was still heightened, and I was very aware as you put your hand on my bottom that your index finger slipped between my cheeks to rest about an inch above my bumhole, although on the thong of my underwear. The rest of your hand cupped my buttock, using it to pull me to you.

As the last remnant of my orgasm subsided, I pushed you off so that you fell onto the bed behind you. I figured it was time you lost some of you clothes, too. I knelt at the foot of the bed, lifted your boot and pulled it off, then the other. You tugged your bowtie and began undoing your shirt. I had looked forward to watching you undress, so I stood back against the wall as your jacket, then cummerbund were discarded. Your socks were next, you undid your trousers before standing up and taking them off. I joined in, taking off your shirt from where it was hanging around your shoulders, then told you to take off your underwear.

You still look good naked. You never were over muscled, but never had any excess chubbiness either. Toned, that’s it, and tanned. And big. I’m bringing a tape measure next time. Hard at that moment, too. I should have realised you would be, I was so hot after all. I had been taken care of, but you must still have been needing some attention.

You sat back down, and said something like, “Now you”. I put my tiptoes onto your thigh and started rolling my stockings off my leg, leaning forward to put my chest close to your face. As the stocking came off my foot, I dropped it into your lap, making sure it fell onto your erection. Then the other one: Foot up, stocking down, drop on your dick. I stood up and turned around so I faced away from you. My feet were between yours, we were so close together. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of my knickers and, keeping my legs straight, started to lower them. Slowly. As I bent forwards, I presented my bum to your face, only inches away. I imagined you looking as my pink moist lips came into view, framing the prize you’d have before the end of the evening. Then slowly back to upright, I turned back to face you again.

“Which reminds me,” you said, “The photos you said you took, what were they of?”

“Do you want me to show you now or later?” I asked.

Obviously you wanted now, so I took your hand and led you to the chair by the little table, sat you down and moved over to the bed. Seeing you watch me made me smile as well and before I carried on I had to kiss you, a deep full kiss. I stood in front of you and did a turn so that you could have a good look, before sitting on the hotel bed.

I plumped up the pillows against the headboard and rested back against them and closed my eyes. I touched my lips with the fingertips of my right hand, kissing them gently, then began to slowly stroke them over my chin and my neck to my breasts. I lightly circled my right nipple before caressing the whole of the breast slowly squeezing and rolling it in my hand. My fingers then carried on their journey down my body, over my flat stomach. I parted my legs a little and began to stroke between them. Having you watch me undress and touch myself had made me very excited. I slid my fingers over the bare skin where my pubes should be, then over my clitoris and into the wet hole waiting to be filled. When I had done this for the camera I had to keep stopping to set the timer, but imagining the things I was about to ask you to do to me had meant it was easy for me to reach an orgasm. In that room with you watching me, knowing the fantasy I was having was about to happen I knew I would come even quicker. I reached for my clitoris with my other hand, and started to masturbate for you. As the fingers of my left hand stroked and rubbed at my clitoris, I pushed in a second finger of my right. I eased them in for their whole length and then held them deeply inside me. I was thinking about how I had been masturbating for the last week, and wondered whether I would have the guts to ask you the third thing I had planned.

You sat silently watching as my left fingers became less gentle and less slow, wanking myself harder and faster as my climax built. I had imagined you watching me do this so often in the last few months that it didn’t surprise me that I came so quickly. In only a few minutes I was shouting out your name as I came. Then breathing heavily as I recovered.

“That’s what I have to do when we’re not alone together. It’s good, but not as good as you doing it!” I said as I looked over to where you were still sitting in the chair. Then you said something that made me like you even more than I did already:

“You look so good naked.”

I looked in your eyes, touched my wet fingers to your lips and asked you what you wanted me to do as you licked them to taste me.

“What’s your first thing, then?”

You told me, and stood up, taking me in your arms, and we felt the warmth, the smoothness of each other’s bodies, naked together for the first time in years. I turned so you had your back to the wall. I leant my body against yours, for the maximum contact and slid down you, rubbing my breasts down your chest, past your stomach, rubbing them either side of your achingly hard cock, using them to pull the skin back, until I was kneeling in front of you. I took your dick in my right hand, the first finger over the hole at the top, the middle finger hooked around the ridge, the next two around the top of the shaft, holding with my thumb. I started to kiss the base. Not little pecky kisses, but open mouthed, big wet kisses that left the base of your dick wet with my saliva. As I kissed and licked your shaft I felt the first beads of come ooze from the head and began to move my hand in circles, spreading the come around the shiny hard head. Eventually, when I reached the head with my lips I licked it all around, too, tasting your come for the first time. I realised I’d never had your cock inside any part of me. My mouth was watering but instead of swallowing I kept my mouth wet and opened to take your cock in there. Just the head, and began to move my lips back and forth over it, lubricated with my saliva.

I moved my hand to the bottom of your shaft, still wet from my kisses. I couldn’t quite reach all the way around so there was a gap between my fingertip and thumb but even so I started to stroke my hand over your skin in time with my mouth. Licking the sensitive underside made you gasp, so I did that more and tightened my grip, wanking you into my mouth. The feeling of you in my mouth was exciting. I’d only given you a hand job on the Night-Of-The-Honeybum, and I’ve often fantasised about doing this to you. Your taste is wonderful, a little salty, as you should be, but clean and fresh at the same time. My tongue slid easily over the tight skin of the head, and the rougher but still tight skin of the shaft. My lips felt the smoothness, interrupted by the contours of your veins as I slid you in and out of my mouth. More than the head, I was running my lips over two or three inches or so of the shaft, too, feeling your dick glide back against the roof of my mouth, not far enough to make me gag, but far enough to fill my mouth. Still I had more than enough of your big dick to hold with my hand, and wank in time with my sucking, wanting to make you come as hard as I had a moment ago when you fingered me.

When finally I felt your cock’s width expanding further and you told me you were going to come, I actually felt pride that I’d finally done this to you! I held your dick in front of me, kept moving my right hand up and down its full length. I looked up at you and saw you looking down at me. I thought you would be smiling, but, of course, you had that ‘about-to-come’ look on your face, so I said,

“Go on then, do what you said you want to do: Come on my face,” I still wanked your whole shaft holding it with both hands, stroking it and rubbing it up and down my face. I kept talking, knowing it was about to happen, knowing I was about to have your come all over me: “I’m going to wank you off all over my face, get your come all over my face. Come on me. Come all over me, all over my face. Come for me, come on my face. I’m going to make you come on my face. I know you want to. I want you to,”

And I did want you to. At that moment more than anything, I wanted to make you come on my face. I’d never really liked blow jobs, and always tried to avoid giving them, certainly avoiding getting come in my mouth or on me. But this was different. I was being your fantasy, that was what this was about. Once I had given myself over to being your fantasy, I found it all came easily and I was enjoying something that I’d never liked before.

I carried on holding your big hot cock against the smooth, soft virgin skin of my face, stroking it, moving your stretched foreskin up and down, not reaching the ridge, massaging the whole length and squeezing the top, wanting so much for you to violate my dignity by shooting your come onto my cheeks, my nose, my eyes. For you to get it in my hair, my mouth and across my chin. I wanted more than anything for that smooth, soft skin of my face to be covered in sticky, slimy come for the first time, your come.

“I want your come. Oh, god, I want you to come on me. I want you to come all over my face. I want it on me. I want it all over my face. I want you to make your come go all over me. Come on me. Come on me. Come on my face, all over my face,”

The first spurt took me by surprise, and I flinched away closing my eyes. I’d never had my face that close to a cock as it went off! Even so, your lovely come landed on my face.

Knowing that I was fulfilling one of your fantasies of me, being your fantasy of me, aroused me more. Knowing as well that I was giving myself to you so completely by doing something that only a few minutes ago I had thought would be disgusting, made me luxuriate in your orgasm and in the feel of your come splashing onto my face as your cock spasmed. I realised I was enjoying this as much as you. I reached down with my left hand and began to touch my own pink wet lips. Your come fell in rivulets across my face, one strand – the first – put its sudden hot wet path all the way from my chin, over my lips and right cheek, across my closed eye and my forehead into my hair, another splashed up the left side of my nose, over my eyebrow and onto my forehead, others I felt on my cheeks and my chin. All the time I was talking thanking you and begging for more,

“Yes, that’s it, come on me. Ah, yes, come on me, all over me. Keep coming, keep coming, I want it all on me, more, I want you to come all over me. Come on my face and my tits,” I wanted to name every part of my body, I wanted your come on my face, my stomach, my bum, my breasts. Everywhere.

“Come on me, don’t stop coming, keep coming, Oh yes, all over my face…,” until one strand left its trail across my open mouth, falling in, and instead of talking I swirled your come around in my mouth, tasting your delicious seed and then swallowing it, taking it inside. After five or six spurts the power behind your come started to diminish and I leant forwards and held your cock against my skin again so that, apart from the come that ran down my hand as I gently wanked the last of it out, it all went onto my face. It dripped from my chin in long, gooey strings onto my neck and breasts. I wiped your comey cock across my face to make sure I was as covered as I could be. I wiped it up my cheeks to my eyebrows, across my forehead and down over my closed left eye and back to my lips, smearing your thick cream as it went. Then I dragged your still stiff manhood down over my lips to my chin, licking and tasting it as it passed my mouth, sucking some more come in so I could swallow more of you. Then, still leaving its sticky trail, dragged your cock onto my neck and down between my breasts to wipe it through some of the come that had dripped there.

“Did you see?” I asked eagerly, hoping for your approval.

I felt your finger push your come away from my eye, so that I could open it and see your face beaming down at me.

“Was it good, did I do the talking right?”

“Fantastic,” you said, breathless, and as you put the finger with the come from my eye into my mouth, you told me: “Exactly how I hoped you would do it.”

“Cover my face, wipe it all over with your dick,” I said

You rubbed across my face with the full length of your dick like it was a windscreen wiper, making sure that every part of it, from my forehead all the way to my neck was wet with your come. Then you wiped the come off the shaft with my hair, getting come in that, too. I gave you encouragement “Wipe it all over. Yes, in my hair…” But then you smeared my lips with the come on the end of your dick and when you put the end in my mouth and I tasted the thick hot come that was still oozing from it, all I could do was groan and suck to get as much taste as I could, pathetically grateful for your come.

“I like coming on you. You seem to quite enjoy it, too.”

“I’d love to get your come on every bit of me. I like the idea that any time my husband kisses me, he’ll be kissing somewhere that your come has been spurted on or smeared on. I know you wanted to come on my face, but now you have can I swallow it, too?” Having tasted it, I wanted to eat it all.

“If you like.”

I took your dick from you and licked it clean, my tongue moving from the base to the head, then started to rub it on my face again, I could easily feel where most of your come was, it was warm and wet, some of it was still oozing downwards, I rubbed the head of your dick from those places towards my mouth, collecting as much come on the way and then sucking it off the end. As I stroked across my face again I swilled your come around in my mouth before swallowing it to make room for another mouthful. I can’t believe I did it, I never swallow. You gradually hardened again, and when I had rubbed your dick over most of my face and sucked most of your come off the end it was completely stiff again, so I put it in my mouth and ran my lips a few inches down the shaft ready to start again to make you come in my mouth this time, so I could swallow it all straight down. I leant forwards to see how much of your dick I could get in my mouth. I got more of it in than I’d had in my mouth before. As it butted against the entrance to my throat you stopped me.

“That’s enough of that,” You said, lifting my head, “It’s your turn. What depraved act do you want me to do?”

I swallowed, and got up from the floor and took the two or three steps needed to get to the bedside table. Opening it I took something out. I walked back to you, held my little body against yours and handed you a pot of honey. Echoing the prize you won from your drunken bet with me 3 years ago, I said, “I’d like you to lick this off me again”.  After putting my fingers into the pot and scooping up a handful of honey, I reached behind me and smeared it across my bottom, getting it into the creases under my buttocks and the crease between them.

You took me in your arms, smiling and laid me face down on the bed. I wiped my hands on the sheet and put them above my head and turned it to look to the side. While I did you must have put the pot down and walked to the foot of the bed because I felt you lightly encouraged my ankles apart.

You kissed them gently with your moist, soft lips, then, tenderly with just the tip of your tongue, traced a path up the back of my calf to my knee. You gave the backs of my knees big, wet, slow, open mouthed kisses, before resuming your tongue’s journey upward. The path of your lick led to the top of my thigh, the crease where it becomes my bottom. You lingered there for a while, tasting the first of the honey, licking and sucking my skin clean of the stickiness. Then you rose up, passed the soft flesh of my buttocks and started a new journey downward from the small of my back. Your body was to the side of me now, and this time instead of licking you gave my spine little lip kisses in a line straight down toward the top of the crease of my bum. With your hand you encouraged my legs apart. They willingly responded spreading wide, so wide you leant your weight your elbow on the bed between them, so wide that I felt my buttocks separate and my own moist lips part to allow easy access to the pleasures within.

Kissing the crease at the top of my buttocks, you took a particularly large blob of honey from my right buttock with your finger and smeared it down into the valley between my buttocks, wiping it over my bottom hole and then pushing it, along with your fingers into the other hole, hot and wet. You began licking the honey from my cheeks in earnest as I gasped at the welcome intrusion. I desparately wanted your tongue and lips on my holes, but you teased and licked and sucked and nibbled at my cheeks until there was no trace of honey, except between the two globes of my bottom and on the holes that so keenly wanted the attention. Your fingers moved inside me only a little, massaging the walls only gently, not allowing me to come.

Then you kissed again at the top of the valley between and your tongue started to lick downward, slowly, cleaning away the honey as it went. As you reached my bumhole, you licked circles around it, spiralling slowly inward until you reached the centre, when you closed your lips over as large an area as you could. The thrill of your mouth over my bottom hole, your tongue flicking against the tight opening, and the heat of you made me realise how close to coming I was, but I knew you weren’t finished with this yet, and I wanted it to go on for ever.

You pushed my thighs even wider apart to get your body onto the bed between them, knees on the floor and pushed your mouth more firmly into my bottom. I could feel your chin pushing your fingers forward, still embedded in me, now being made to press against the front of my tunnel. I could feel your nose pressed right into the middle of my bum, both chin and nose moving as you licked and sucked at my bottom hole. The licking became more directed and insistent as it pressed at the hole, eventually working your tongue into the hole, deeper and deeper. This was new. You didn’t do this last time. It was a feeling like no other and as your saliva and honey lubricated tongue thrust in and out of my bottom. I remember I had an image of your cock in my bum instead of your tongue and I could hold off my orgasm no longer. The gasps that had accompanied each thrust of your tongue became moans and shouts as you fulfilled my first fantasy.

Through my climax I asked for my second thing: “I want you to fuck me and come in me. I want your come inside me!” You weren’t to know, but I’m not on the pill. No-one before had come in me without wearing anything, not even my husband and apart from your come that I’d swallowed a few minutes before, not even in my mouth. This would be the first time I’d had a naked cock inside me or let anyone come in me, the first time anyone’s come had flowed into me, my first time without any contraception at all.

My bum was already in the air. The bed sank down with your weight as you knelt between my shins. Then with the last of my climax still subsiding I felt you nudging your cockhead between my wet, puffy lips, still slightly sticky with honey. I remember telling you again, “Fuck me.” Opening them, pushing between them, the big head of your big dick eased into me. Slowly pushing your whole length inside, I felt your naked cock filling me from behind, your bare skin within mine, completing me. “Ah, yes,” Then out again, the whole way, leaving me empty, just feeling the tip between my lips, still, before you pushed back in. I reached behind me, putting the palm of my hand between my bum cheeks and rested my first two fingers on your cock as you pushed its full length in and out, feeling the naked skin as it entered me and feeling the same wet skin as it left me empty. Your pubes tickled my honeybum at the depth of each thrust. The underside of your cock stroked the tip of my clitoris with its full length in and out. I was in heaven as you maintained the high plateau of my last climax, building me towards the next. Your hands held my hips as your thrusts became more forceful. You thrust forwards and pulled me backwards over and over. Then eased up a little. Instead of pounding in and out you began to move your cock in circles as if you were stirring my insides. The sensation in me changed completely, keeping only the full feeling, your balls squeezed my clitoris as your pressure passed that point in the cycle, taking me closer still to my next orgasm. Your right hand moved from my hip to the middle of my back, not pushing down, just stopping me getting up. It slid down my sweaty back to the top of my bum, and, pushing my hand aside it rested between my cheeks, on my anus. Your dick’s circling motion stopped, to be replaced by the circling motion of your fingers at my bum. Slowly your fingers softened my resistance again and you pushed them inside me. I arched my back, pushing up to take as much length in my bum as I could, then quite suddenly the orgasm burst over me again. I shouted about how I was coming again, how much I liked your cock in me and how much I liked your fingers in my bum. I shouted over and over, and I meant every word.

You took your lovely big cock out of me along with your fingers, and for a moment I thought you might put your cock in my bum, but instead you rolled me onto my back. I think I was a little disappointed, but you were doing as you had been asked, you were going to come in me. My legs fell open and you climbed on top of me, pressing your mouth to mine, I returned your kiss eagerly, wanting you inside me again, to take my empty feeling away. Wanting you to fill me with your cock and then your come.

I wrapped my legs around you and put my hands behind your hips as you guided your cock into me again, making my wish come true. I felt your balls rest against my anus, so recently filled with your fingers. When you were all the way inside me, you rested some of your weight on my wide open thighs and started your circling again. My hot and sensitive insides responded, lifting me. I closed my eyes and, between panting enjoyed the feelings you were giving me. You began moving in and out of me, not the whole way this time, just a few inches back and forward. I met your movement with my own, making you sigh a little, too. Still kissing, our bodies pressed together, I knew my fantasy would soon be fulfilled.

When you said you were going to come, I started talking to you again, like you had asked me to when you came on my face, “Oh, yes, come. Fuck me and come in me,” I begged, “Come in me, I want your come in me. Fuck me, get your come deep inside me. Fuck me. I want to feel your great big cock pump all your come in me, I want to feel you come. Come on, fill me with your come. Fuck me, fuck me. Come in me, come in my cunt, fill me with it. Ah, yes…”

You pulled yourself onto my hips burying your dick in me. it seemed deeper than it had been before, if that were possible. Your weight, pushing my pelvis toward my head, rolled my hips so that my thighs were by my sides, my knees in my armpits. My buttocks spread so that your balls pushed up against my bumhole, still wet from your mouth and my dripping wet excitement, and you held yourself there, no longer thrusting into me. I wish I’d had my eyes open to see your face, but I was coming again, too, as I felt your cock pumping your come into me so hard I could feel it open my hole further as your shaft widened with each pulse, filling my hole. Filling me, shooting your come deep into me. Fulfilling another of my fantasies of you. I was shouting again, but felt your open mouth cover mine and I breathed into you as your lips muffled my cries, gasping over and over as we came.

Each time either of us moved it set off oversensitive spasms of climax, so we stayed like that for a while, allowing our joint orgasm to subside, my little body trapped under you, impaled on your big cock, pinned to the bed, held down by your weight, owned by you and full of your lovely come.

As we lay together I knew I had to ask for the third thing I’d planned. I had thought I would chicken out and ask for something else, but with the feel of your dick still inside me after our orgasm, I knew I had to ask. I have fantasised about it since the first honeybum night, but never thought that I’d ask you to make it real. Even so, while you’d spent the last week trying not to wank over my photos, I had spent the last week ‘practising’ for this but I could barely believe I heard myself quietly say:

“I want to see if you can get your whole hand in me.”

Without a word you rolled your weight off me, rolling me with you until we were laying on our sides, you on your left, me on my right. In this position your cock couldn’t stay in me any longer and I felt it pull its way out and flop up against my stomach. It felt warm and slick, but mostly, although it wasn’t as hard as it had been, it still felt so big, resting against my stomach, wet with our combined fluids the top nudged right up against my bottom ribs. I put my left hand around it, just to hold it. Face to face, you put one hand behind my head and pulled my mouth to yours. I tasted honey, and was suddenly very aware that smears of your come must still cover most of my face and be in my hair. I thought again of the lovely taste of your come while I tasted your mouth. I felt the fingertips of your right hand stroke downward across my cleanshaven pubic area and then between my lips. I opened my legs so that one was left flat against the bed and the other pointed the knee to the ceiling. Still pressing my mouth to yours, you slid two fingers inside me. You fingered me quite gently for a minute or two then stroked your wet fingers around the outside my lips and clitoris, then back into me. You did this a few times, scooping our juices from inside me to deliver them onto my lips and over my wet, hot hole. Then three fingers were inside me. You didn’t have to work up to them, you seemed to know that I was excited enough to manage them without it hurting. This is as much as my husband has ever had in me. He seems to try all the time to get a fourth and never succeeds. I’ve never asked him, or wanted him to try. I think it’s an idea that turns him on. I’m so pleased it was you that eased your little finger into me. I moaned into your mouth a little as, with every inward stroke, you managed to penetrate me more. I could feel the stretch a little, it didn’t hurt but I hadn’t expected it to yet. Soon I had to break off our kiss as I gasped “Oh, God,” and began to breath more deeply when you began to stretch my little hole wider as your fingers, becoming deeper in me, spread closer to the knuckle. I knew your hand would be bigger than mine, and was prepared for the fact that this might be a little uncomfortable and as your fingers got deeper and your knuckles opened me ever wider I found I had been right.

I rolled onto my back, allowing the leg that had been pointing up to fall almost to the bed as well. That seemed to help and the different angle meant that now your hand stretched me more front to back than side to side. That seemed easier, too.

“That feels good.” I said, partly because it was true and partly because I didn’t want you to lose your nerve when it did start to hurt. Your fingers kept gently thrusting into my body, making wetter and wetter sloppy sounds as my flesh relaxed and my juices and some of your come squeezed out with you.

“Don’t let me come until your whole hand is in.” I said, reaching for your cock, still only half hard after fucking me. I tried to wank it but because it wasn’t hard enough and I was at a bad angle I couldn’t get a rhythm like you, so I just held it again, instead.

I noticed your fingers pushing in a different direction, not into me but back towards my bum, then rest, then towards my bum again. I didn’t realise what you were doing but it felt good so I told you, and you picked that moment to twist your hand and push it in past the knuckle, so that the top part of the palm of your hand was inside me. I felt a stab of pain as your knuckles opened me wide and then it disappeared even though your palm isn’t that much narrower. Your thumb pressed onto my clitoris and when you pushed downwards towards my bum again, establishing a rhythm that slowly stretched me open, the thumb rubbed my clitoris and suddenly I was in danger of coming again. “Stop stop, wait.” I said. I took a few deep breaths and told you to carry on, but as soon as your thumb touched it again, I had to tell you to stop, “I’m going to come if you touch me there again. I don’t want to come until it’s all in.”

“I don’t want to rush it. I’ve done this before and it can hurt. Don’t worry, if you come, I’ll just carry on.”

“It hurts a bit already,” I answered. Then I felt your hand begin to gently move in circles, pulling my pelvis with it, stretching my hole, open for you in a way it had never been open for my husband.

There was another small jolt of pain as you pressed your thumb in and it widened me still more. This time the pain didn’t go away. All four of your fingers, your thumb and the palm of your hand pushed down and slowly in.

I felt tears running from my eyes as your hand stretched me wider and deeper. Your slow but relentless assault hurt but felt so good at the same time. There was a sudden change and I felt incredibly stretched and then full. I knew that your hand was inside me and my hole was contracting again to hug your wrist tightly. As my hole closed around your wrist, narrower than your hand, I stopped concentrating on the pain of the stretch and felt instead the fullness within me. My hips had between them something larger and more intrusive than ever, pushing everything else out of the way. I let out a cry, the kind I only do when I come, because although I wasn’t coming I felt that same deep satisfaction from my over-stretched, over-filled body. The stretching pain was replaced by another sensation, a deep need to come.

I begged, “OK, now you can make me come. Oh fuck, please make me come.”

Very slowly, and with just the same relentlessness as before you pulled on your hand. My hole began to stretch again, to let your hand out. Wider and wider around your knuckles, then when you reached the widest part, you plunged your hand back in, taking my breath away. Then again, wider and shallower before your hand being swallowed deeply into me.

I know I was talking again, I know I was telling you how good it felt and how much I wanted to come. I only know because when you took your hand all the way out I stopped. I can’t remember the words because all that mattered to me was what was happening between my legs, what you were doing to me. For a moment I couldn’t believe you had stopped handfucking me, then as you forced your hand back in, all in one go I realised that you hadn’t stopped – you had only just started.

I was lost for words now as your hand violated me, in and out, wrist to pointed fingertips widening me over your knuckles each time your hand went one way or the other, twisting, deeply penetrating then leaving me empty. Your hand thrust the whole way. I couldn’t speak, only gasp and moan. I was so close to coming, that deep need seeming to grow every time your hand speared into me, but I couldn’t seem to finish. The tears carried on flowing from my eyes, I can’t tell you how much it hurt, but I wanted it to never stop.

Then your hand rested in me, deeper perhaps than at first and I felt my insides change, couldn’t understand how, but then realised you had closed your hand into a fist. I felt so much fuller than when I had been doing this to myself. I could feel the shape of your hand from the inside as you pulled it outward, each knuckle putting an exquisite pressure on my stretching hole. Then each time you pushed your hand inward the knuckles traced deep ridges on the inner surface of my hole, deeper and deeper, filling me so that I thought I would either burst into an orgasm or tear in two, nevertheless I just wanted more of you inside me. I drew my knees up and stretched my legs out to my sides like I was having a baby to open my thighs as wide as I could to give you as much access as possible and held my legs apart with my hands, one on each thigh, my right hand next to your hard cock, resting against my thigh.

“Oh, God,” I gasped, “Why haven’t I come?” I couldn’t understand it. I’d never felt this good without coming before, not even close, but I wasn’t coming. I could feel your hand turning and moving and pushing inside me and each sensation felt as good as coming, but it wasn’t happening.

I remember rocking my hips up toward you to make your hand go deeper in me as you pushed. I have a humiliating image of me lying on the bed with my legs spread as wide as I can get them for you, your big hard cock resting on my thigh while your right hand is buried inside me up to my stomach. You’re pushing over and over into me with your fist and I’m rocking my whole body- fucking up to it. I’m going to masturbate with that image quite alot!

“Deeper. Put it deeper. Deep as you can.” I begged. I wanted as much of you inside me as you could get. Your wrist started to pull my lips in as you began trying for more depth. I moved my hands up my thighs and, when you drew your hand outwards the next time, I held onto my lips, spreading them with my fingers, opening my entrance for you. Your wet wrist stuck out from my wetter hole, each time I raised my head and looked I could see less and less of your arm as more of it disappeared inside me with each slow, forceful push. I could feel your hand moving inside, farther into me as your weight pressed it deeper then relaxed allowing the elasticity of my cunt – no point calling it anything else at that moment – to contract, pushing you outwards, then your weight stretching me inside again. I watched unable to believe what I could see and feel. My hand, so much smaller than yours, hadn’t got anything like as deep. Through the haze I remember seeing perhaps only half your arm sticking out of me at the bottom of each invasion, the rest being driven inside me by your strength. Over and over you shoved your hand in against my body’s overwhelmed resistance, pulling so that you stretched my hole wide open with your knuckles then all the way back in, following your hand with half your arm. Suddenly as I watched myself being impaled over and over on your arm, the orgasm happened.

I think I must have fainted. I just remember intense pleasure and my whole body in spasm, I don’t know how long but as the fog lifted I was still shouting. I found my hands out to either side of me gripping the sheets. I felt my legs tightly held together around the bit of your arm that wasn’t in me, trapping your hand in my pelvis and stomach as they carried on spasming. Both my thighs were wet where I had squirted my come.

You kept moving your hand, ever so slightly like you were drumming your fingers inside me, but that was all it took to keep me coming, on and on. I tried to open my legs to give you more room to handfuck me again, that was all I wanted, for it all to happen again. But every time I tried to relax even a bit, it would set off more spasms tightening them together again. I didn’t know until you told me later that you kept that going for as long as you did. It didn’t feel like ten minutes. I can’t decide whether it felt like seconds or my whole life. Both I expect. I want to feel like that again.

When I started to say thank you, you kissed me on the mouth to stop me. Perhaps I was babbling a little. I lay there with my arms still outstretched as your kisses began to move down to my neck, then my breasts. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the sensation of your lips on my skin, your tongue around my nipple. Your hot mouth carried on its journey down eventually licking over the newly hairless area above my clitoris. You began to lick the skin still stretched around your wrist to soothe it as you slowly and exquisitely began to ease your hand from my violated hole. It had to stretch again to allow your hand out, then it closed over your fingertips and suddenly I was empty. It was a funny kind of empty, not the same emptiness that you feel when you’ve been fucked, but an empty that came with an untold satisfaction rather than the anticlimax and disappointment that I usually get after my husband has had a quick shag. Even though your hand wasn’t inside me any more I still felt it.

My hips rose up to meet your mouth, still licking around my abused hole. You responded by putting your hand under me to cup my bottom and helped me lift to your mouth. As you sucked my clitoris I felt your thumb rub into the valley between the cheeks of my bottom, then come to rest on my bumhole. A few moments more, and you pressed it, not to get it in, just to work at the resistance. You massaged in circles easing the tension quickly away before pressing it in. I deliberately relaxed and felt my anus open to allow your thumb in but the reflex took over and gripped, but it was too late and after accommodating your hand my pelvic floor was so loose you just pushed your thumb quickly all the way in. When it was in you started to roll your hand and your thumb, of course, moved with it. I relaxed almost straight away and began to enjoy the feeling of having you in my bum again. You replaced your thumb with a couple of fingers, penetrating me a little deeper and a little wider, and kept the rolling rhythm in time with your sucking pulls on my clitoris. All I could do was lay there with my eyes closed, still in the afterglow of your handfuck and being kept very happy by your attentions.

“Time for my second thing.”

I had been so caught up I had used all three of my choices, I had come I don’t know how many times and you had only used up one choice! I have to admit the idea of doing something for you, being used by you, is very exciting and I was suddenly eager to be your toy again.

“Lay on your side,” then as I started to you added, “No, face away from me. That’s it.” I was on my left side. I felt my buttocks separate as you lifted the right one and your fingers easily buried themselves back in my bowels. You laid on your side behind me leaning a little weight against me and said, quietly because your mouth was so close to my ear, “Ever since I licked honey from your bum, I’ve wanted to fuck you there, is that OK?”

“Anything. You can have anything you want.” That offer stands.

I felt your fingers leave me and then, almost straight away I felt something bigger pressing against my anus. It was wet, so I guess you had lubricated it somehow. As you pressed harder, My bottom yielded to the pressure and your cock slipped inside. Just the head at first and as I gave up my anal virginity my muscles tightened in a wide circle around the base of the head. The stab of pain that had accompanied the initial entry passed quickly and I relaxed and apologised. “I’m sorry. Another first for me,”

“Don’t apologise, it’s not unusual. There’s nothing to be scared about. I won’t hurt you.”

“I know.” And with you there I wasn’t scared. I think I realised that if I could take your hand in one hole, I could take your dick in the other. Still it was tight as you started to press it deeper into my accommodating bowels. I reached behind and placed the flat of my hand on the front of your hip, next to the thick base of your cock, partly to be able to slow you down if I needed to and partly to see how far you had left to go. It seemed to be alot, but the more we managed to get inside the less uncomfortable and more sexy it felt. It was completely different to having you in my cunt, but felt better and better until I had to move my hand away so that you could push home the last bit.

I know how big your dick is and I couldn’t believe that it had all gone in so easily.

You asked me, “You OK?”

“Better than that! It doesn’t hurt at all.” You put your hand on top of my hip and pulled slightly at the same time as leaning your weight through your pelvis into mine. The extra depth felt good but even so I said, “Start gently. I haven’t been fucked in there before.”

I had to agree when you said “Ah, that feels good.” You started to move your dick in and out an inch or so, quite slowly and gently and I bent forwards at the hip to present my bum to you more easily.

I felt I wanted to come quite soon after you began. The slow easy fuck, with your dick staying mostly buried in me, only moving a little was the perfect follow on from the frenzied hard handfuck of a moment before, but was still more intense than anything I had experienced before this evening. I put my hand on the hairless triangle above my clitoris and stroked the bud below in time with the penetration of your dick as you robbed me beautifully of my anal virginity. I began to regret never letting this happen before. I won’t pretend I enjoyed it as much as proper sex, but it was at least as good as being licked.

A thought occurred to me and I asked, “Are you going to come in me, or take it out and come on my bum?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” you answered, “Inside you, although your bum would look great with my come on it. Are you OK with me coming in it?”

“I told you, you can do it exactly the way you want to.” Secretly pleased, I do want you to come on my bum, but just then I wanted your come to fill me again.

You moved. I was so comfortable with you laying behind me, the two of us spooned together with your dick inside me, where it shouldn’t be. Then you moved. You pushed my top leg up just a little, and rolled me a bit farther forward before straightening out my lower leg. You knelt astride it with your lovely cock still as deeply embedded. Your thighs sandwiched me, one against my back, one against my stomach, putting pressure on my clitoris and lips. You put your hand between and, as you started the short fucking rhythm again, you were stroking me toward an orgasm in perfect time to the new sensations from behind. I was just as comfortable, and told you how good it felt to have you in me.

You leaned forwards so that, even though you were fucking my bum, almost from behind me, you could kiss me on the mouth. As you did, the pressure on my anus and in my rectum changed completely and I was past the point of no return, my orgasm was on it’s way. I felt it build as you kissed me, then when your mouth left mine I had time to blurt out “I’m going to come,” and started. The spasms overcame me and my body twitched and shook as I yelled and called out. It wasn’t anything like any orgasm I’d had before. My climax and my body both seemed focussed completely on the hard invader in my bottom, all the spasms and surges seemed to come from it, twisting around it. It felt as big as my whole body or as hot as fire or as solid and safe as can be. Then, as it subsided I found I still felt that my body was defined by what you were sticking in it, by its relationship to the big dick shoved where no dick should be, so when you told me you were coming, too, I felt every detail: my bumhole expanding as more blood rushed to the invader, then felt it twitch and jerk around inside me and pull against the strong muscles of my anus as the jets of come spurted against my insides over and over. I felt I experienced your orgasm as much as you did. Then after my poor bum had been pulled around by your shaft and my insides had been soaked in your come, you were finished and you rested on the bed behind me again.

My fantasies kept going through my head as we lay there with your dick still inside me, as if reminding me that it wasn’t a fantasy anymore but a memory. You had been everything I’d hoped you would be, and you’d told me the same. I was satisfied in a way I had never been before. Then I realised you had so far asked to come on my face and fuck my bum- just two of your things, so I asked, in a breathless whisper, what you wanted me to do next.

You told me and I said, “Promise me we’ll do all this again.”

So here is your third thing. As requested, a description of what we did. I wish your third thing had been another depraved way for you to use my body as your willing toy. I wish I’d asked for four things or five, so that I could make you do it all again and you could help me live out my other fantasies of you from the last 3 years!

But just so you know its not just post orgasmic pillow talk: Promise me we’ll do all that again, each and every bit of it, and more things, too?


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