Just A Drink – Part Two [Extract]

Continuing directly from Just A Drink

He was horny as hell when he’d met up with her in the bar. I suppose you always are when you meet old girlfriends who you still fancy. You always plan to shag them, but politeness takes over and you end up having a civilised drink instead. She was different. She was fourteen when he’d started going out with her, he was sixteen. They had fucked, of course, (he got her cherry) and there had been the occasional blow job, but nothing else. She had been too young and not really known about all the possibilities, he hadn’t pushed the point because, well he was young too, and thought he was lucky as hell to be able to fuck her a couple of times a day – more at weekends – three weeks in four.

They had met up in the bar, got pissed and started flirting and talking about how things had been. He confessed there were so many things he felt he’d never got to do with her and what a disappointment that was. When she offered in the pub to make it up to him for the lost opportunities, to do anything he wanted, so long as he’d wanted to do it six years before when they were going out, he hadn’t hesitated. Who would.

“Come over here,” he said, and pulled her by the arm to the bed. She giggled as she kicked her knickers from their place around her ankles, and did as she was told. He laid her on her back across the bed.

“Masturbate,” he told her. She smiled and closed her eyes. Spreading her legs wide for him to watch, she reached between her thighs with her hand and started to stroke her clitoris. He climbed on the bed as well, making her open her eyes to see what he was doing. He sat on the pillows to the left side of her knees. He had an easy view as she spread her juices between her lips, lubricating herself and then using the lack of friction to glide quickly up and down her hard clitoris.

She looked too appetising to just watch, so he moved to lick at the wetness, pushing her hand to one side.

She pushed her hips upward to meet his mouth, and put her hand on the back of his head. He tasted her skin, kissing gently around her inner thigh, before gently licking her soft warm lips, tasting the wetness she had so recently been stroking into her skin. He licked inside her, pushing his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could, not just tasting, but feeling within her. Then he began to lick back and forth across her clitoris, sucking on it and her wet hole, as she ground his head between her legs. As she became firmer and more insistent, he responded sucking harder and licking faster until she tensed, pushing up to his mouth while pressing his head down against her as she came hard onto his mouth.

She shouted, “Yes! Oh, fuck yes. Oh fuck, I’m coming!”

He tightened his grip on her ass and held her against his face as he carried on licking as hard as before, heedless of her heightened post-orgasmic sensitivity.

As he carried on making her come, she carried on shouting, “Oh, God, stop! Oh, fuck I’m coming, stop. Oh, fuck it hurts. Yes, Oh fuck, yes!” As she slowed and quietened, he released her breathless little body…


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