Just A Drink [Extract]

The first in a series of posts telling the story of two childhood sweethearts
meeting up for an evening after six years.


As soon as they were in her hotel room he steered her back to the wall and, taking both her hands in his left hand, he held them above her head against the wall. The anticipation of being with her had given him a hard on, she was moaning into their kiss too, just as excited as him. She let her head fall back exposing her neck. He kissed it wetly, then as his breath cooled the moisture left on her neck by his lips, he unbuttoned and tugged at her trousers. She wiggled her hips to help, and trousers and knickers fell to her smooth calves, enabling her to step out. He let go of her hands above her head and with one hand lifted her shirt off. She ducked a little so he didn’t have to reach too far up, as she did he pushed suddenly, but gently, down on her shoulder with his other hand and she found herself on her knees at his feet.

She reached forwards, opening his trousers, and with one move pulled them to his ankles. He took off his shirt and from the ankles up he was as naked as her. She started to run her hand upwards along the shaft of his dick. Hard for some time now, as she squeezed it, a little pre-come oozed from the top. She leant forwards and licked it away, before taking the head into her mouth. He felt its warmth surround him, and her sucking begin, drawing her head back at the same time, he popped out of her mouth, the suction making a noise. She rose up again, retaking him into her mouth. Unable to take a step, he leant forwards against the wall, sandwiching her between him and it. Her tongue circled around the head, contained fully in her mouth, her saliva making him wet. As she moved her lips over the tight skin of the head, the same saliva ran down the shaft toward her hand, making him cold in the air. Opening her mouth to engulf the head, She took him deep into her mouth, gliding her lips wetly up and down the shaft as the head slid back and forth along the roof of her mouth, the underside being licked warmly by her tongue. Over and over, it wasn’t long before the need to come reached a peak and he let out a groan.

“Ah, fuck, I want to come on your face. Make me come on your face.” he told her. Even so she took the first string of come in her mouth, a little remaining on her lower lip, but as soon as she realised he was coming, she let go of the base with both hands, and let him fall from her mouth. With nothing holding his cock, each spurt of come splashed onto a different part of her face or into her hair as his cock twitched in front of her with each spasm of climax. Without much space between them, the head of his dick brushed against her as it twitched leaving thick smears on her cheeks and chin. Most of his come landed on her face and her breasts, and the rest lazily dribbled down the shaft onto his balls…

On to Part Two
Read the full length original


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