Changing Room

They’d been wanting each other since he met her off the train. After a deep, passionate kiss at the station, tasting each other, reconnecting after their time apart, they’d been touching, holding hands, squeezing. Raising the tension between them.

Walking the short distance to their hotel, a warm bed waiting, they’d been passing through the shopping centre when he decided he wasn’t going to wait.

“In there,” he commanded, steering her toward Dorothy Perkins with his hand firmly in the small of her back.

Grabbing a dress as they walked quickly toward the changing room in the rear of the shop, he pulled the curtain closed behind them. He held his finger to his lips, indicating to her that she must fight her nature and remain quiet. She turned to hang the hastily chosen dress on the hook, and he grasped the belt of her jeans to pull her back against him.

From behind her, she could feel his erection against her pert bottom and his left hand reach around her to cup her breast. She released a small gasp, he unavoidable reaction to his hands on her.

He whispered in her right ear, “I said ‘Be quiet‘,”
“I’m sorry, Sir.” He stifled her whispered response, releasing her breast and closing his hand instead over her mouth, drawing her head back against his shoulder. His right hand followed her belt around to the buckle, opening it easily from this angle. Quickly followed by her jeans button, then zip, he pushed them down over her right hip a few inches.

Still holding her mouth, he pushed his left foot between hers, then kicked her feet apart a little further, pressing his thigh and his hard cock against her exposed right buttock, and forcing her against the wall.

His fingers traced the top of her lacy knickers, giving her chills as he slid the fingers toward the pretty bow in the middle. She trembled as she felt the fingers move under the bow invaded her knickers, moving over her close trimmed hair and quickly finding her hard clitoris, wet within her soft tender lips.

Her gasp stifled by his hand, she felt her body respond to his touch, the stab of pleasure filling her pelvis as he urgently rubbed between her lips, needing to make her come. He leaned his body against her, pressing his cock more firmly against her button, increasing the pressure against the wall. Quickly she felt the needed orgasm build, then encouraged to break over her by the expert movement of his fingers. He held her mouth more firmly to conceal her gasps and moans from the attendants only a curtain away. Her legs lost their strength and she found her body supported by his own, by the wall, and by the hand between her legs.

He released her face, allowing the desperate rakes of breath that would help her catch her breath.

Their hotel – and a sound spanking for her naughtiness – only 10 minutes away, his erection would have to wait as she adjusted her jeans. The lovers, flustered and sweating deposited the alibi dress on the rail and hurriedly left the shop, pretending to be oblivious to the stares of the staff.


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