She’s going to wank while he watches, and she’s going to let him watch from so close. He’s laid on his back, and she’s knelt over his head, a knee by each ear so he’s looking directly upwards between her thighs. It’s such an intimate view. She knows his cock is hard, even though it’s behind her, and she knows he’s holding it, so turned on by the close view of her ass and her cunt, and the drips ruining from it down her thighs.

Her fingers lightly stroke the front of her thighs, up to the sensitive line where thigh meets stomach, and on, up to her breasts. Then one of her hands retraces its journey, this time moving along that sensitive line, stroking through the short hair she trimmed for him that morning.

A finger strays a little lower, still following the top edge of her inner thigh, then moves across, stroking her warm, full lips, lightly grazing her clitoris between.

The effect is to open her cunt very slightly, exposing more pink wet skin to him. She begins to stroke between the slightly puffy lips, slowly and gently along her hard and oh so sensitive clit.

As she strokes – now in small circles – she becomes less aware of the show she’s putting on for him, and more aware of the pleasure she’s giving yourself. As she does she becomes firmer, and as she becomes firmer the movement of her hand moves the skin under her fingers more, opening herself and allowing more wetness to escape.

He watches intently, holding his stiff cock in his hand, wanting it inside her, but wanting right now to watch.

The circular movements of her fingers grow wider, faster, and she moves them lower too, wetting them more from the opening he wants to fill with his cock so much. Her hips roll back and forth to meet her own movements, fucking her fingers above his face. As she gets faster, the wetness from her cunt is flicked onto his face in hot droplets. It seems that she’s almost forgotten he’s there, until as she’s just on the point of coming, she drops your weight onto his face. Still rolling her hips, she grasps the headboard with one hand and his head with the other and rubs her climax over him from his mouth over his nose to his eyes, rocking, fucking his face, smothering him with her cunt, soaking him with her delicate juices.


3 thoughts on “Watching

  1. I am particularly fond of this blog post. I wonder why that could be? It most definitely had an … effect on me, as it were. Hot. So hot. x

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