Schoolgirl And Sir

Schoolgirl has been very naughty. Before class she took off her little panties. Sir liked to let his eyes glide up her long socks, following them up over her knees. Usually Sir has to settle for gazing at the inch or so of the soft, smooth skin of Schoolgirl’s thighs that are revealed between the high top of her socks and the slightly higher hem of her very short skirt and the occasional glimpse of her panties. Today, though, because Schoolgirl was sitting in the front row and she was letting her knees fall a little way apart, and making sure the hem of her skirt was riding even higher than usual, Sir didn’t just get to see her beautiful thighs, he also got an occasional glimpse of her tidily close trimmed pussy. And it was enough of a glimpse to see that it was glistening with Schoolgirl’s excitement.

Sir had to sit down behind his desk while he told Schoolgirl to stay behind after class. It wouldn’t do for the class to know she had given him a hard on.

After the bell, the rest of the class left, leaving Sir behind his desk and Schoolgirl in her seat. She was sitting very nervously now, partly because of what she hoped would happen next and partly because she feared it wouldn’t.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to come to class without your knickers on?” Sir asked her.
“No, Sir,” She replied, biting her bottom lip.
“Well I’m afraid you’ll have to be punished,” Sir told her, “Now is as good a time as any.”

He gestured for her to come over to the desk, and as he stood to meet her Schoolgirl noticed the bulge in his trousers and knew that his hardness for her matched how wet she was for him. Sir took her firmly by the arm and using his other hand steered her so that she was leaning over the desk, bent at the hip and resting her chest and arms on its surface. Schoolgirl’s face was resting on the wood, too, turned to her left, toward Sir’s chair as she felt a thrill of vulnerability to the man standing so close.

Sir lifted the hem of Schoolgirl’s short skirt and exposed her from the waist down. Of course there were no panties for him to pull down to her knees so he gently stroked the perfectly shaped bottom. Although he hoped Schoolgirl thought this an act of preparation for her spanking, in reality it was nothing more than an act of pleasure for him to touch such a thing of beauty.

“What did you do to earn this spanking?” Sir asked his nervous charge.
Schoolgirl tremblingly answered, “I took my panties off before class and showed you.”

Schoolgirl felt Sir’s firm hand slap her bottom sharply. It stung a little, and felt hot after. Schoolgirl knew that it would leave a red hand shaped mark. She gasped, not with pain but with pleasure as Sir rested his cool firm hand against her smarting skin.

“That’s right. You let me look up your skirt to see your little pussy, didn’t you?”
“Yes, Sir”
Again the sharp sting of his hand against her skin excited Schoolgirl as much as it excited Sir. Bent over his desk like that he could see her pretty pussy glistening with her wetness between her thighs.

“You know you made me hard in class, don’t you?” Sir asked her as he comforted her exposed skin.
“Did I, Sir? Did I make your cock all big?”
“You know you did.”
Schoolgirl reached back with her left hand and she was able to close her fingers around Sir’s achingly hard cock through his trousers.
As Sir’s hand made contact with her pretty bottom again she tightened her grip on his cock as the sting went through her body.

“What do you think you should do to make up for giving me an erection in class?” Asked Sir, already knowing exactly what he was going to make her do.
“I, I don’t know, Sir. Anything you want, Sir!”
“That’s right. Anything I want,” said Sir.

Leaving her bent forwards over his desk, Sir moved around behind her and put his hands around her narrow waist, pushing the waistband of her skirt higher still and he admired her shape and the texture of her skin. The sight made him harder still. He knew if he wanted he could take his cock out of his trousers and fuck her perfect bottom right then. And she did have such a fuckable bottom. The temptation was almost irresistible, but Sir knew he could do that after another lesson, and he’d planned something else. But he did press his hardness through his trousers against her naked bottom, just for the feel of it.

He knelt on the floor and kissed Schoolgirl lightly on the thigh, a little over half way up, just at the top of her long socks. He planted light kiss after light kiss in a slowly rising vertical line up to and then onto her bottom. He then kissed sideways, tortuously slowly, but inexorably toward her wet pussy. Schoolgirl was breathing heavily, incredibly excited.
Sir, just as excited to be so completely in charge, gave her delicious wet pussy one very gentle, very long slow lick. It started as far forward as he could reach, and moved over her hard little clitoris, needy for the attention it had craved since before her spanking began. His tongue passed over her wetness, over the entrance he desperately wished to enjoy with his cock, and back still further to taste her bottom, too.
The kisses moved to comfort and soothe the stinging pink skin Schoolgirl’s punishment had left.
But Sir didn’t leave her unattended, as his fingers stroked their way over her thighs and then began to barely touch her clitoris, stroking it lightly over and over, spreading her wetness over it to make it more and more slippery.

Schoolgirl’s heavy breathing became gasps. And when, after a few minutes, Sir stood back to the side of her hip, Schoolgirl again reached for his cock.
“Sir, please may I hold your cock, Sir?” She asked him.
Sir stopped touching her for a moment, just long enough to open his trousers and let her reach inside.
“Oh, thank you Sir, I’ll make it up to you Sir, I’m sorry I was such a naughty girl, Sir. Please, don’t stop touching me, Sir.” Schoolgirl felt his fingers between her legs again as she began to stroke his cock with her little hands.

Moments later Schoolgirl’s breathing and gasping became louder and she cried out to Sir,
“Oh, I’m going to come, Sir, you’re making me come!” Sir put his left hand on her back so she stayed firmly against his desk as he stroked her clitoris. Exposed and vulnerable over Sir’s desk, but knowing she was so safe with him there, Schoolgirl came loudly, gripping Sir’s cock in her hand.
As she came down from her plateau, she panicked suddenly and asked
“Sir, does it still count as a punishment if I’ve come?”
“Yes, that’s allowed, so long as you make me come, too.”
“How should I make you come, Sir. I’ll do whatever you say.”

As she followed his instructions exactly, Sir told her “Come off my desk and kneel down here, with your back against it. That’s right, now take my dick in your hand again, good girl, and lick the end of it where you’ve made me leak.”
Sir felt her soft lips as she kissed the end of his cock clean. He put his hands on the desk so he was leaning over Schoolgirl and watched as the beautiful young girl kissed the head of his cock, tasting it, and licked the shaft. Gradually her kisses became larger, encompassing more of the head of his dick and eventually she took the whole head into her hot mouth closing her soft lips around the shaft.

Sir leant forwards more, pushing a few inches of his cock into her mouth. Schoolgirl, wanting to impress Sir, responded by encouraging him to push more into her. Sir could feel he was at the back of her mouth, filling it entirely, yet Schoolgirl didn’t gag or fight him. As her head was against the desk, and had no line of retreat, Sir pushed a little harder. Schoolgirl tried very hard to allow Sir’s cock into her throat, but couldn’t.

Sir told Schoolgirl to climb back up onto the desk, which she did, all the while apologising hard, “I’m sorry, Sir, I tried to let your cock in my throat. I’m sorry, Sir, I’ll do anything to make it up to you,” And Sir knew she meant it, but wasn’t angry.
“Lay on your back on my desk,” He told her, and as she did, Sir stood next to her, his cock above her beautiful face. She laid her bunches out to the sides of her head and allowed her legs to fall open.
She reached for Sir’s cock and held it just a few inches from her face.
“Stroke my cock over your face,” Instructed Sir.
She guided the tip of Sir’s cock so that it stroked her face, letting sir feel it against her.

“Make me come on you,” Sir told her.
“Can I, Sir? Do you want to see your come all over me, Sir?” Schoolgirl asked, “Do you want your come on my beautiful face?” Schoolgirl asked.
“Yes,” Sir answered. “And I’m ready for you to do it now.”

Schoolgirl stroked Sir’s cock in long slow strokes, sometimes holding tightly, but mostly holding it so softly that the skin of the shaft didn’t move over it, just her hands stroking it. Sir had been ready, and in a few moments Schoolgirl felt him swell and then watched in fascination as his come splashed down over her, onto her face, her neck, into her hair and onto her school uniform. She teased all she could from him before releasing him and licking his come from her hand.

“I promise I’ll be naughty again Sir. Will you punish me like this every time, Sir?”
“I’ll punish you every time, but not always like this.”


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